"A Tale Of Two Evil Geniuses" is the 28th episode of the series and the 1st(b) of Season 2 of Robotboy.


Much to his annoyance, Dr Kamikazi loses out again at the annual Evil Genius awards, once again, to super villain General Yakitori! When Constantine stands up for his beleaguered boss, the rest of the audience mock and jeer Kamikazi. Eventually it is decided the only way to conclusively prove who is the best evil genius, is to see who can capture Robotboy! Kamikazi builds a super – mech robot to try and outdo Yakitori and the two head off in search of an unsuspecting Robotboy…!




  • General Yakitori: ''Your a copycat Kamikazi! And once more your about to become my slave!'' Dr. Kamikazi: ''Copycat? Are you referring to my mech? I had it for years! And when you are my slave, I’ll heartedly enjoy watching you, scrub the stains from Constantine's anus!" Constantine: ''Booossss....!''


  • Goof: When Constantine stands up for his speech about Kamikazi, for the first seconds of the scene his legs are missing making him look like as he is floating.
  • This is the first appearance of General Yakitori and his giant mech.
  • The name of the episode is a pun on the book: A Tale of Two Cities from Charles Dickens
  • There are several cameos of different villains including those who appear in later episodes on Robotboy, examples are: Felonious Hexx (though he has a different appearance), Brainy-Yak and a woman who resembles Agent Kalaschnikov who is sitting with with Special Agent.
  • If you look on the wall of the Evil Genius Industry you can see that there is art of the Sith-Lord Darth Vader from the Star Wars Saga. Along with Vader are two other well-known "Evil" figures, the "Grim-Reaper" and a vampire that resembles the "Nosferatu".
  • Before Robotboy fights Yakitori when he is with his friends, he can be seen wearing the same disguse he wore in the episode "Robot Love".
  • The giant blue robot Yakitori fights with returns in the episode "Robolympics" although it serves as a robot of it's own instead of Yakitori being inside it.
  • This episode can be found on a Polish DVD release of "Najlepsze z CN Vol. 1: Czas bohaterów" [The Best of CN Vol. 1: Time for Heroes].

In other languages

Int. Language Int. Title Translation
Dutch De kwaadste genius The evilest genius
French Yakitori contre Kamikazi Yakitori against Kamikazi
German Das Märchen von den zwei bösartigen Genies The fairy tale of the two vicious geniuses
Spanish Cuento de dos genios malvados Tale of two evil geniuses


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A Tale Of Two Evil Geniuses

A Tale Of Two Evil Geniuses

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