Bambi is the probable love interest of Tommy Turnbull and for some reason is friends with Gus.

Bambi is the popular little girl at Tommy's school and Kurt's girlfriend. She is blonde with pigtails, and blue eyes and can be seen wearing a cheerleader's outfit. Tommy blushes and is unable to talk when he sees her, much to Lola's dismay. She was once replaced by a robot by Dr. Kamikazi in an effort to defeat Robotboy. She seems to be very spiteful and mean towards Tommy, yet he still likes her. She is spoiled by her single mother, and is also rather 'air-headed'.


Tommy Turnbull

Although oblivious to Tommy's ever growing desire for her, she talks to him on rare occasions.

Tommy fantasizes over her,but she usually doesn't pay any attention to him.

However, this all changed in the episode "Tether Tommy" where she begins to idolize Tommy.

She did kiss him on the cheeks on the episode "Fight", but it was only to tease Kurt when she was mad at him and later on the episode she waves to him.


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  • Only Bambi's mother was shown. Her father was never shown or mentioned, he could either be divorced or deceased.
    • however in the Season 4 episode, Runaway Robot, her mother and a unknown guy were lying on sand of the beach, the guy could possibly be her father, or a step-father.
  • Bambi seems to be based on Veronica from The Fairly OddParents because she's a blonde cheerleader, but acts more like Trixie Tang, who tends to ignore Timmy Turner.
  • In Cleaning Day's prototype script, Halloween, it is stated that Bambi has a little brother.
  • She was going to have a bigger role in Cleaning Day, having fun in the waterpark with Tommy and her two girlfriends, instead of a cameo appearance.
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