Bjorn Bjornson (or Björn Bjornson) is a Nordic, villainous young boy who used to be one of Professor Moshimo's students. He created a robot copy of himself whom power equals to that of Robotboy, only making him more evil and to become his greatest and better invention than Robotboy.

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Bjorn Bjornson is a young, light-skinned boy with big ears, blone hair and wears a black suit.




A good relationship. In contrast with people like Dr. Kamikazi and Klaus Von Affenkugel, he treats Bjornbot fairly well and vice versa. They rarely show aggression to each other.


Bjorn hates Robotboy, because he is jealous of him and wants to destroy him so Bjornbot would become the greatest fighting robot in the world.


A bad relationship.


A very bad relationship. He once ordered Bjornbot to beat up Gus for unintentionally farting in his and Bjorn's direction.

Professor Moshimo

A bad relationship. He was his mentor at the Gottinhimmel Academy for the Wealthy and Smart, which implies they may have been once on good terms. According to Jan Van Rijsselberge, he hates him because of his arrogance and needs no reason to hate him. He once tried to kill him by tricking Robotboy (who he tricked into thinking he turned into a real boy) that Moshimo was going to turn him into a robot slave, which lead to Robotboy attempting to murder him. This was stopped by Tommy though.

Bjorn's Mother

A bad relationship. He treats her poorly and dumps her into water if she annoys him. Though he can act kind to her when he is in danger as shown when Robotboy attempted to kill him.

Dr. Kamikazi

A bad relationship. He regards him as a "criminal lowlife".


  • Bjorn is another controversial character because of the episode "Runaway Robot", he had used the word "Jackass" when talking about Professor Moshimo. "That man's a jackass!". Similar to how Dr. Kamikazi called Constantine a jackass in Christmas Evil.
  • Of all the episodes of the series, Bjorn along with his Bjorn-Bot have both appeared approximately in 6 episodes. Bjorn has a 7th cameo where he can be seen on a cover of "Super Villain" magazine Kamikazi holding up at the beginning of the episode Brother.
  • Only Bjorn's mom was shown. His dad has never appeared or mentioned.
  • According to Jan Van Rijsselberge, Bjorn and Moshimo's rivalry is a result of Bjorn's arrogant personality, he needs no reason to hate him, he was "born nasty".
  • Bjorn shares a few similarities with Stewie Griffin from Family Guy, such as being evil and having a similar
  • His name can be derived from the Norwegian stage actor and theatre director Bjørn Bjørnson. but it is also possible that he is named after Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson, a Norwegian journalist, politician and a writer who received the 1903 Nobel Prize in Literature.
  • Björn is a Scandinavian name, which means bear. In Sweden and Iceland it is written as Björn and in Norwegian and Denmark as Bjørn. In Old English it was written as Beorn. The variant in Finland is Karhu and in Russia Medvedev. With all these differences it is difficult to tell in which Scandinavian country Bjorn Bjornson and his mother live.
  • Bjorn's voice sounds a bit similar to Nigel Uno from Codename Kids Next Door.
  • Along with Felonious Hexx and General Yakitori he's another villain that Lola has never faced before, although she could be seen in the classroom when Bjorn introduced himself in Brother Bjorn.
  • In season 3 and 4 he looks older and much taller then his appearences in season 1 and 2.
  • Bjorn's voice is almost like that of Mister Stubborn from The Mister Men Show because of Lewis MacLeod. Except Mister Stubborn is Scottish while Bjorn is Scandinavian.
  • It’s notable that in the 2nd series, he and Bjornbot only appeared in episodes written by Adam Cohen.
  • He has a promo image, but it has been only seen on the cover of Repair or Despair.
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