Bjornbot is a robot built by Bjorn Bjornson. He was built to become the best fighting robot in the world, like Robotboy he has super strength, multiple weapons and can Superactive as well. He bears a resemblance like his creator only more blue his skin is colored blue, his hair is grey and he has red pupils.



He looks similar to his creator Bjorn, except he's blue-ish metal and his eyes are red.

In Party Out Of Bounds, in his "Sister Bjorn" disguise, he wears a blond wig, a magenta dress, pink skirt and black leggings, and has lips, however, he's grey metal instead of being blue-ish metal.

In Robolympics, he's shown to be a couple inches taller than Bjorn.


Powers and Abilities

His power is shown to be comparable to Robotboy's. To the point he can even superactivate. He shows basic combat knowledge and is also pretty athletic. In Runaway Robot (while superactivated) and Robolympics, he was shown to be able to fly without thrusters. Also, in the latter episode, he was shown to have fire breath and a rocket launcher cannon. It was shown in Brother Bjorn he could survive without his head and it was implied he runs on batteries.


Despite of having fire breath, he's vulnerable to fire.


Bjorn Bjornson

A good relationship. In contrast with people like Constantine and Ludwig, Bjornbot is treated fairly well by Bjorn Bjornson and vice versa. Bjornbot is fairly supportive of his creator. They rarely show aggression to each other.


Bjornbot hates Robotboy with a passion, because he is jealous of him. Both are bent on destroying each other (as per robot fighting rules (and at least until Robotboy stopped fighting due to Tommy being upset about it)), but are perfectly equal. Because of their equality in strength, it is said by Moshimo that they could fight for all eternity until they both destroy each other.


A bad relationship.


A very bad relationship. He once tried to beat up Gus for unintentionally farting in his and Bjorn's direction.

Professor Moshimo

A bad relationship, though they don’t interact for long.

Bjorn's Mother

A bad relationship. He has both attacked and threatened to attack her.


  • For the mostly the words he says are rather "Ja" and "Nej" which are the Scandinavian translates for "Yes" and "No".
  • Bjornbot has so far Superactivated only 2 times throughout the show.
  • It is possible that Bjorn (his inventor) has created more copies of him in case he gets destroyed in battles or other occasions while no matter the count of Bjornbots that got destroyed he still has the same memory and identification.
  • It’s notable that in the 2nd series, he and Bjorn Bjornson only appeared in episodes written by Adam Cohen.
  • He, Protoboy and possibly General Yakitori are the only reoccurring villains to actually die and come back to life later. Though in Bjornbot's case, he technically is dead, as the ending of "Brother Bjorn" implies the ones seen in new episodes are copies.
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