"Brother Bjorn" is the 18th episode of the series and the 9th(b) of Season 1 of Robotboy.


Robotboy is challenged to an ultimate robot fight by Professor Moshimo’s former prodigy, Bjorn Bjornson and his deadly Bjorn-bot! Tommy is not keen on accepting the challenge, as he is fully aware of Bjorn Bjornson’s pedigree as one of the best students ever to emerge from the Gottinhimmel Academy for the Wealthy and Smart. However, Robotboy convinces Tommy that under the terms of the ‘Fighting Robot Code’, he is obliged to accept any robot challenge. Much to the delight of Gus and Bjorn, a battle to end all battles commences! With the sides so evenly matched and the stakes so high…will good triumph over evil…?



  • Robotboy
  • Tommy
  • Bjorn Bjornson
  • Bjornbot
  • Gus
  • Kurt
  • Stu
  • Mookie
  • Mr. Fournier
  • Professor Moshimo
  • Donnie Turnbull


Donnie: [to Gus] Hey, butt-sweat! You're breathing my air.


In other languages

Int. Language Int. Title Translation
Dutch Botte Bjorn Mean Bjorn
French Faux-frère Fake Brother
Hebrew האח ביורן (Ha'ah Bjorn) The Brother Bjorn
German Bruder Björn Brother Bjorn
italian Fratello Bjorn Brother Bjorn
Spanish Hermano Bjorn Brother Bjorn
Swedish Broder Björn Brother Björn


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Brother Bjorn

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