"Christmas Evil" is the 20th episode of the series and the 10th(b) of Season 1 of Robotboy.


In this episode when Tommy and the gang see that Kamikazi wants to take over Christmas they figure out a plan to stop him from taking over the holiday.


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The episode begins with Dr. Kamikazi testing a theory, Unknown of his plan, Constantine walks trough a big freezer while he is listening to Christmas carols on the radio. Kamikazi shuts the door and retrieves the temperature down. While Constantine pleads to be freed from the cold, Kamikazi continues his experiment. The batteries of Constantine's radio die trough the cold. Kamikazi's theory is confirmed.

In the Turnbull Residence a episode of The Human Fist is shut down and Gus explains that this year he has a plan to avoid the naughty list and get Christmas presents from Santa Claus. Donnie walks in to the living room and demands that the television is turned to Top of the pops. A female singer called Brenda sings a song. After her song the presenter announces the next artists: Dr. K and Constanmotion with their newest song Christmas will not come this year. Both artists are really Dr. Kamikazi and Constantine. In the song they explain their plan to ruining Christmas. Tommy, Lola and Gus rush to Tommy's bedroom to come up with a plan to stop them. In Kamikazi's Whale Submarine Kamikazi explains to Constantine his plan. With this performance he hopes to got the attention from Tommy and that he will try to save Christmas with Robotboy. Tommy bites and despite that Lola find it suspicious he goes with Robotboy to the North-Pole anyway.

On the North-Pole Santa Claus first discovers Gus his plan just before Kamikazi arrives. Gus pretended to be from the extremely needy orphan institute. Santa orders to put away the gifts and says the he got something special for Gus. When Kamikazi shows up he demands that Santa will surrender, but his answer is a snowball in his face while being laughed off. He then angrily releases an army of clones to capture Santa and his elves. Robotboy and Tommy arrive on the North-Pole. At the front of the cave they hear Constantine yelling and pretending to be Santa, but they don't fall for it. When they see Kamikazi and Constantine who tied Santa, Tommy sends Robotboy to save Santa. Kamikazi asks Constantine to turn on a big freezing machine who breezes a cold wind towards Robotboy, Robotboy's batteries die from the cold and the freezing from the machine. He deactivates and Constantine captures him. Kamikazi and Constantine flee towards their submarine, leaving Tommy behind in shok over what just happend. Just before they both flee, Kamikazi also steals Tommy's Christmas present from Santa.

Tommy frees Santa from his ropes. Santa reveals his own self as a muscular man with tattoos and ponytail. He wants to go after Kamikazi to save Tommy's action figure. Tommy explains that Robotboy isn't an action-figure but a real battle-kicking robot and his best friend. Santa says that he didn't talked about Robotboy, but about Tommy's present from him. A Kung-Fu the Fist action-figure with free batteries. They both go after Kamikazi who has returned to Kaziland. He removed Robotboy's batteries to avoid Robotboy from activate again. A alarm warns him that Santa is approaching and he uses lasers to shoot Santa from the sky. Santa dodges the laser-beams and lands on Kaziland. He opens the door and starts fighting Kamikazi's clone army. He barely defeats them, and when a second group comes, he shuts the door. He gives up and wants to go, because he still has a lot of work to do. Tommy doesn't want to leave without Robotboy and decides to stay to get him back. Santa mentions that he got guts and leaves.

Kamikazi thinks Santa left and gives the present he stole from Santa (and was meant for Tommy) to Constantine as a gift of him. Constantine is angry about this because he asked for a singing pony doll for Christmas and not for a Kung-Fu Human Fist action-figure. Tommy enters the room by using a rope and slipped inside. There he sees Robotboy, wrapped with a bow around his head, as a Christmas present under the Christmas tree. He confronts Kamikazi and tries to activate Robotboy with his watch. Because Kamikazi removed Robotboy's batteries, Robotboy won't activate. Kamikazi laughs at him and orders Constantine to capture Tommy. At first Constantine refuses because he is still angry. When he walks up to capture Tommy, he drops the Kung-Fu Human Fist. Tommy realizes that the action-figure has free batteries with it. He runs and grabs the doll and puts the batteries into Robotboy. While Robotboy activates, Kamikazi and Constantine go quickly away.

Robotboy superactivates and fights with the clone army. Then all of the sudden he is attacked by two clones with a laser beam who stops him. He can't move while being captures inside the lasers. Then all of the sudden, Santa returns and vaporizes the clones, while also shooting at Kaziland. Robotboy is freed. Kamikazi points out that he hates the holidays.

Back home, the Turnbull family is unwrapping their Christmas presents. Tommy got his Kung-Fu Human Fist action Figure, Dwight a blonde wig and Donnie Ninja nunchaku fighting sticks. Debbie discovers that Santa also left a present for Robotboy. It's a polar jacket (similar to Tommy's) for him, so that it never shall happen again that Robotboy get's cold and his batteries will freeze. Tommy puts the jacket on Robotboy and wishes him a merry Christmas. Robotboy's eyes glow from joy.

In the mean Time, Gus wakes up and get out of bed to see if his plan has worked. He discovers that Santa left him a present and he thinks his plan worked to fool Santa. He opens the box and a fart comes out, right in his face. The box is empty. In a flashback we see that Santa asks a elf to pull his finger and then fills the box with the fart. The laugh and wish Gus a merry Christmas.


  • Robotboy
  • Tommy
  • Gus
  • Lola
  • Donnie Turnbull
  • Dr. Kamikazi
  • Constantine
  • Santa Claus
  • Debs
  • Dwight


  • Alarm: Warning, a unidentified aircraft is approaching. Constantine: Oh, and you just hate company during the holidays.
  • Dr. Kamikazi: A plan that will give me the greatest Christmas present off all time! Constantine: Oh, a fur lined toilet seat? Dr. Kamikazi: No Jackass, Robotboy!
  • Robotboy: Christmas yet? Tommy: Almost buddy, we've got a couple of things to wrap up before we celebrate
  • Debbie Turnbull: Santa left this one (present) for your little robot toy. Isn't that silly?
  • Santa: Come on, Tommy! We're gonna get your little toy back. Tommy: Oh, Robotboy's no toy. He's a butt-kicking, prototype fighting-robot and he's my best friend!


  • Brenda is parody of Britney Spears and the song she sings is a reference to Britney's hit single, "...Baby One More Time".
  • This episode sparked some controversy. At the part when Dr. Kamikazi threw his wig at Constantine and yelling "No, Jackass!", disregarding the fact that Robotboy is a kids' show.
  • This is the first of only two times Tommy calls Robotboy by his name (Robotboy) in front of his family. The other times happens in Hair-A-Parent. Normally he corrects himself before he says the word boy and says Robottoy or Robotdoll.
  • When Constantine mentions wanting a singing pony, he could be referencing the My Little Pony franchise (not Friendship is Magic since that series didn't come out until 2010).
  • Gus is mentioned to be on Santa's naughty list. The year before the events of this episode he also stood on the list and recieved a shovel. But at the end of the episode it's clear that Donnie is apparently not on the naughty list. Donnie get's presents from Santa and Gus not. It's strange that Donnie, who is a bully, is considered as a good kid.
  • The French version of this episode has an alternate/censored ending: Instead of a fart coming out of Gus' Christmas present, an already-eaten apple is found inside, and Gus eats it while an omnimus tone plays. The next scene was also completely replaced, instead of showing how Santa farted into the box and him laughing and saying "Merry Christmas", the scene shows Santa and the elf looking at their screen, which shows Gus saying "Merry Christmas Santa".
  • This episode is available on the UK DVD release of "Cartoon Network: Christmas Rocks".
  • This episode was mentioned in the 2017 book: How the Movies Saved Christmas: 228 Rescues from Clausnappers, Sleigh Crashes, Lost Presents and Holiday Disasters, written by William D. Crump. In this book the plot of the episode is described, the voice-cast, production credits and the author describes the episode as hilarious. Notable is that the author mentioned that the episode was never released on DVD or VHS at the time of writing in 2016. This is of course a error, because the episode was released on the Cartoon Network: Christmas Rocks DVD in 2010. To read the page in this book about Christmas Evil; Click Here.

In other languages

Int. Language Int. Title Translation
Dutch Kwaade Kerst An Evil Christmas
French Le Père-Noël s’en mêle Santa Claus gets involved
Hebrew רשע בחג המולד (Resha Behag Hamolad) Evil in Christmas
German Weihnachten in Gefahr Christmas in danger
Italian Viaggio al Polo Nord Journey to the North Pole
Spanish Mal de Navidad Bad Christmas


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