I don't believe she gave all my toys and Robotboy to an orphanage - Tommy
"Cleaning Day" is the 3rd episode of the series and the 2nd(a) of Season 1 of Robotboy. When Tommy goes out to the beach instead of cleaning his room, his mom flips out and gives away all his toys to an orphanage, including Robotboy.


The story begins with Tommy playing a video-game. His mom ask him, if he cleaned up his room yet, while he is just reminded how dirty his room is. Then he activates Robotboy telling him this place needs a clean-up. Robotboy complies with gathering every toy around. Gus Turner pops threw the window after the attempt to clean the room backfired and telling him their heading to the beach, but Tommy said he can't. So Gus persuades him with an idea that his dream girl Bambi might be there so they head-off (minor Robotboy for safety) to the beach. Debbie Turnbull comes in and flips seeing the mess and immediately dumps it all in a bag to be delivered to an orphanage along with Robotboy. Tommy is is now mad at Gus for not being truthful before and returns home, Gus gets real tan with a funny face on his belly, which he calls "Belly-Man", and finds out Robotboy is gone an sets off to retrieve him only for Tommy's mom to order Donnie Turnbull to bring him back. Meanwhile, at the said orphanage a young boy named Booker accidentally activates Robotboy and is amazed at his existence until, other fellow orphans show up to bully him and his plants. He asks him to hide quickly. Lennie loves messing with him; as well as his goons. Robotboy and Booker become friends. Booker hopes he'll be adopted soon an announcer calls his name for a meeting with grow-ups for a potential adoption. Booker shuts down Robotboy for energy, but the bullies find him. Tommy and Gus get to a sign pointing to the direction of the place to go later arriving when they dress up Robotboy like baby, mess with Booker again him shout they ruined his chance of a family before getting a swirly Tommy stops them and wants Robotboy back. That is if he fights Lennie for it then a wrestle begins Gus supporting/ Robotboy getting shut off and on by the boys struggle over the watch. It's almost over them which of course it isn't as Donnie comes swirls Lennie to remind anyone who messes with his little brother it's him after which he drags him home. Booker hands him his friend over and thanking him. He wonders if he is gonna be okay Tommy isn't sure then replies "you" he looks back seeing Lennie getting ready to hurt him that is til the announcer calls him again and by luck he gets adopted. Gus enjoying his face of his and then Lennie slaps his belly ruining "Belly-Man".



  • The first episode written by Cindy Morrow.
  • The first appearance of the characters Booker, Lennie and the 2 other bullies who makes cameos at times in other episodes afterwards.
    • This is also the first appearance of Bambi, though we only see her in this episode when Tommy thinks about her.
  • The first time we can hear Kurt's Leitmotif, despite the fact Kurt didn't debut yet so it plays for Lennie instead.
  • There's a prototype script of this episode called "Halloween", despite Halloween being a completely different episode. This can be because Cindy Morrow wrote both episodes and forgot to change the title.
    • Unlike the finished episode, the prototype script of Cleaning Day, "Halloween", says that Booker's new adoptive parent are scientists.

In other languages

Int. Languages Int. Title Translation
Dutch Schoonmaakdag Cleaning Day
French Tout doit disparaître Everything must disappear
German Putztag Cleaning Day
Hebrew יום ניקיון (Yom Nikayon) Cleaning Day
Italian Giorno di pulizie Daily Housekeeping
Spanish Desaste de él Get rid of him


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Cleaning Day

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