Deborah "Deb" "Debbie" Turnbull is the wife of Dwight and the mother of Tommy and Donnie. She serves as a common housewife. Deb is a very kind and sweet woman to her family and is always looking out for them.


It's clear that Tommy gets most of his facial appearance from his mother, except for her red hair, including the square head and big circular eyes. The rest of her appearance consists of a pink (or red) midriff tank top, purple (or grayish pink) pants, and black boots in the first season, and then just black heels in the second.


Along with shared appearances, she and Tommy have almost identical personality traits, in that they're both the only two in the family with good hearts and (at least) normal intelligence. Although, despite the fact that she makes it clear that she loves him and the rest of the family with all her heart, she's more strict and stern when they step out of line, even though misunderstandings. Despite being of normal intelligence, she can still sometimes make rather oblivious mistakes herself, due to her rather naïve nature.


  • Of all the episodes in the series, Deb appears in 46 episodes.
  • Like all mothers, she tends to punish Tommy if he is seen to have done something terribly wrong. Examples include "Cleaning Day" when Tommy fails to clean his room when she tells him to, or in "I Want That Toy" when Tommy gets framed for stealing a toy, which was actually Robotboy in his backpack, and when he sneaks out to prove his innocence.
  • In her character profile in the Robotboy - Special Edition CD-ROM, it is said that Deb works as a librarian, in charge of the town's bookmobile.
  • In Dog-Ra, she has light skin.


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