Tommy: Whatever you want from me, you can forget it!

Dr. Kamikazi: Yes, it's exactly that non-coorporative attitude that forced me to replace you.

"Double Tommy" is the 34th episode of the series and the 4th(b) of Season 2 of Robotboy. In this episode Dr. Kamikazi turns a spy named Evil 17 into a clone of Tommy so that he can kidnap Tommy and change him with the fake one, get Robotboy and do something terrible to the real Tommy.


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Dr. Kamikazi never succeeds in capturing Robotboy, mostly because of Tommy stopping him or interrupting his plans. So he hires Evil 17, the sneakiest agent in the world to replace Tommy. Kamikazi does a plastic surgery procedure and creates Evil 17 into a exact Look-a-like of Tommy. After the operation, Kamikazi wakes him up. Constantine thinks that the real Tommy is with them and gets confused when he hears that Tommy's voice is different. Kamikazi explains his plan to him and after a carpaccio dinner, he also operates Evil 17's vocal cords to make him also sound like Tommy.

Constantine flies Kamikazi and Evil 17 to Bay Area. Just before Evil 17 wants too drop out of the plane, he is stopped by Kamikazi. Constantine has to shave the hair on Evil 17's arms. Because Tommy is pre-adolescent he doesn't have any hair on his arms yet and this could be a give away for Robotboy to tell that he is a impostor. Constantine first shaves Kamikazi bald by accident before shaving Evil 17.

At the same time, Tommy and Gus come back from school. Gus isn't paying attention because he is playing on his Game Guy. When they stop and wait for the pedestrian crossing, Kamikazi's plane is approaching Tommy, who doesn't notice it, because he is focusing on the traffic lights to turn green. They grab him with a hook and pull him up in the air. Tommy hangs in the air surprised and Evil 17 jumps out of the plane with his parachute. He lands on the exact same position as Tommy was. After he landed, Gus then finally looks up but also believes that Tommy is standing next to him. They walk to Tommy's house where Evil 17 meets Donnie. Donnie makes fun of him, causing Evil 17 to slap him and throw him away. In Tommy's bedroom he meets Robotboy. He reveals who he is, but Robotboy thinks he is just joking and hugs him.

In the meantime the real Tommy is held capture by two Kami-Chameleons. Then Kamikazi shows up and greets him with full self-satisfaction. He shows Tommy how Evil 17 has replaced him. At first he doesn't believe that anybody would fall for that, but to his displeasure everyone believes that Evil 17 is him. Kamikazi explains his plans to Tommy and tells him that Robotboy shouldn't be confused that there are two Tommy's. So he threatens Tommy that there can only by one with his face, and it's not going to be him.

At Kaziland Tommy is being strapped in the same bed where Kamikazi operated Evil 17 in. His mouth is being silenced with a cloth to shut him up. He thinks about Tommy's fate and in what kind of animal face he should give him. He can't decide and comes to the solution by mixing up for animals to make him into a monster. Before he starts the operation he asks Constantine how Evil 17 is doing. Constantine tells him that Evil 17 is doing great. He fought with Donnie and Kurt and won. Kamikazi decides that it's time for Evil 17 to start his mission.

Evil 17 lies in Tommy's bed and is reading a comic. He is interrupted by Kamikazi who tells him to give Robotboy his first order to conquer the world. But Evil 17 refuses. He explains that he likes to be Tommy. It feels like he is on a vaccation. Also when Tommy's mother puts him in bed, he mentioned that he thinks she "nice". Kamikazi tells him to go to work, where Evil 17 responds with "make me", and ends the conversation. Kamikazi is furious and decides to leave immediately to capture Evil 17 instead and show him who is the boss. While he is distracted, Tommy tries to escape. He only can move his legs and with his feet he controls a laser-beam. First he accidentally burns his hair, then later he burns the ropes. Now he is free again, he sneaks into Kamikazi's plane just before takeoff.

Robotboy and Evil 17 are in the park and are playing with a frisbee. When Robotboy hides from a man and his dog, Evil 17 says the he always wanted a dog. He orders Robotboy to steal the dog from the man. Robotboy doesn't want to, but Evil 17 explains that the man is in fact one of Kamikazi's clones and so it's not wrong to steal from him. Just before Robotboy steals the dog, Kamikazi lands with his plane in the park. He orders his minions to capture Evil 17 and Robotboy. Evil 17 flees and Robotboy stays behind to fight.

At first the chameleon minions hold grab on him by grabbing him with their tongues. Robotboy frees himself and slaps them down. Kamikazi is angry and orders the minions to stop with that and use the "good weapons" he gave them. They turn invisible and Robotboy can't see where there are. The minions attack him with their laser-beams and Robotboy can't defend himself. He sprays some of his oil on to them and makes them visible again. But then he sees that Constantine captured Evil 17 and that Kamikazi is yelling angrily at him. Because Robotboy still believes that Evil 17 is the real Tommy, he goes in to his superactive mode.

Kamikazi rants at Evil 17 but is interrupted by Robotboy. Then the real Tommy walks out of Kamikazi's plane and asks for Robotboy. But when Tommy sees his impostor he walks to him and tells Robotboy not to believe Evil 17 and that he is an impostor, Evil 17 denies that and the two get into an argument about who the real Tommy is.

Robotboy comes in between them and Evil 17 mentions that Tommy came from Kamikazi's plane, so he can't be real. Tommy explains that he was Kamikazi's prisoner and that he escaped. Evil 17 says that it is nonsense and asks Robotboy if he is a fool to believe that. Robotboy doesn't believe Tommy and aims his guns to him while Evil 17 demands that Robotboy vaporizes Tommy. Tommy cries in mercy to Robotboy to believe him. Then Evil 17 makes a mistake to tell Robotboy to look good at Tommy. He does and notices Evil 17's beard has grown back on his face.

Evil 17 tries to excuse it by saying tell him that kids these days grow up so fast. But Robotboy doesn't believe him and picks him up and throws him back in Kamikazi's airplane while Kamikazi, Constantine and his Kami-Chameleons are trying to escape. We can see Tommy smiling that things went right. Kamikazi threatens Tommy just before takeoff that the next time when he comes back, he will come for more than just his face. The door shuts and Kamikazi's pointing finger comes between the door. Him screaming in pain.

Tommy returns back to his house with Robotboy. When he opens the door he hits Donnie by accident on the head with the door. But instead of being attacked, Donnie begs for forgiveness and is afraid that Tommy will hit him again. Tommy is happy that things didn't turn out to be so bad after all.



  • Evil 17: ''Hey Robotboy, it's me: Evil 17! An evil double of Tommy created by Dr. Kamikazi. I'm here to make you take over the world!'' Robotboy:​ ''Oh Tommy, you so funny''.
  • Dr. Kamikazi: ''Robotboy thinks that Evil 17 is the real Tommy and we won't want him to be confused. There can be only one person with Tommy's face and it's not you!'' (Points to Tommy)
  • 'Gus: ''I don't know why Mr. Fournier thought i wasn't paying attention in class''.​ Tommy: ''I don't suppose it had anything to do with the fact that you spend the whole day playing enter the fist on your Game Guy?'' ​Gus: ​''Yeah, me neither'.  

Differences between Evil 17 and Tommy

  • When Evil 17 tells Robotboy to compare him to Tommy, Robotboy immediately figures out who was the real one and who wasn't. He could have figured it out because:
    • The real Tommy wears Robotboy's Activation Watch and Evil 17 doesn't wear any watch at all.
    • Tommy's voice sounds higher then that of Evil 17; even though Kamikazi also operated the vocal cords of Evil 17 to make him sound more like Tommy, his voice is still lower.
    • Tommy can't grow a beard yet, but Evil 17's grows back on his face when Robotboy compares the two.
    • When Robotboy aims at Tommy, Tommy gets emotional and starts to cry. This is something he did earlier in Crying Time, in which Robotboy was brainwashed to make him forget all about Tommy, but remembered him once he cried. It's possible if it helped in this case as well.


  • Particularly in the France/French dub this is one of the rare moments where Robotboy can be heard speaking while on his Superactive Mode, he says "Tommy no beard!".
  • The "Game Guy" device where Gus plays his game on alludes to Nintendo's famous Game Boy line, but it looks more like a Nintendo DS.
  • Kamikazi has to think and can't decide about Tommy's fate and in which animal he should change him. This problem comes back in the episode Nursing a Grudge where Felonious Hexx also has to think in which animal he would turn Tommy in to.
  • When Kamikazi asks Constantine to shave Evil 17's arms, Constantine shaves Kamikazi's hair instead. In the next shots Kamikazi is bald, but after they captured Tommy he got his hair back.
  • Throughout this episode, Dr. Kamikazi walks with a walking stick. A item he never used before in other episodes before or afterwards. The reason why is unknown.
  • Goof: When Evil 17 decides to stop his mission and Kamikazi goes to Bay Area to look him up, it's evening, just before Evil 17 went to bed. When Kamikazi arrives, Evil 17 and Robotboy are in the park in broad day light somewhere in the afternoon. This is odd because Kaziland is not far from Bay Area and Kamikazi should be there very quickly.
  • Goof: Tommy didn't wear his backpack when he was kidnapped. Also Evil 17 didn't had the backpack. But when Tommy returns to his house at the end of the episode, he wears the backpack with Robotboy in it. This should be impossible.
  • Goof: When Tommy frees himself he is using his bare feet, which indicates that his shoes and socks were removed when he was tied up in bed. But after he frees himself, he jumps out of the bed with both his shoes back on.
  • Possible Goof: ​When Evil 17 lies in Tommy's bed, Robotboy can be seen in his deactivated mode. This should be impossible, because Tommy is the only one with the activation watch and Robotboy can't deactivate himself. Evil 17 didn't had the watch so it's possible that Robotboy's batteries were out of power and that Evil 17 replaced them with new ones the next morning. In that same scene, Evil 17 reads a magazine or comicbook. When he turns the page he is reading it from back to front instead from front to back.

In other languages

Int. Language Int. Title Translation
Dutch Tommy's Dubbelganger Tommy's look-alike
French Tommy voit double Tommy sees double
German Der doppelte Tommy The double Tommy
Spanish Tommy doble Double Tommy
Swedish Dubbel Tommy Double Tommy


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