Dr. Otomo Kamikazi II is an evil genius scientist and the main antagonist in Robotboy. He tries countless times to steal Robotboy from Tommy and use him to seize control of the world. Unfortunately for Kamikazi, his plans fail him every single time. He is always accompanied by his loyal henchman, Constantine, who Kamikazi adopted from an orphanage and raised him from an early age. He uses many different animal clones, experiments and devices to aid him in capturing Robotboy and sometimes Tommy, but ultimately fails every time in his attempts. He was voiced by the late Eiji Kusuhara.

Official synopsis

"Dr. Kamikazi is not a doctor or a very good villain, but this odd little man is determined to achieve world domination. Kamikazi’s plan is to kidnap Robotboy so he can copy his design and create an army of super-bots to help him take over the world."


Kamikazi is a small and thin Asian man who appears to be quite old, possibly in his sixties or seventies. He wears large, black rimmed glasses with aqua lenses and is almost always seen wearing a burgundy bathrobe with light red trim, a black bow-tie under his bathrobe and black trousers and shoes.


Kamikazi is a self-proclaimed evil genius who has a lust for power, and dreams of achieving world domination. This is his motive for attempting to capture Robotboy, so he can use Robotboy's superpowers to achieve his goals of world domination and power.



Stevie is Doctor Kamikazi's son. Once created, Stevie ran up to Kamikazi, calling him "Dada".

Mother Kamikazi

Mother Kamikazi is Dr. Kamikazi's very old mother who lives in the same city where Tommy and his friends live. Despite her age she still is active towards cooking and is a gentle woman but can become quite strict to those who don't follow her rules.


Kamikazi's henchmen he was also taken under Kamikazi's authority adopting him from the orphanage, labeling him as his son. Unlike a normal father, Kamikaze doesn't much have love for Constantine as does he and when it comes to praise for his work Kamikazi scolds him for trying show up his boss and makes numerous of threats and shows abuse towards Constantine, though there have been occasions where the two share fatherly/son bond, although Kamikaze sometimes uses this for own advantages to get him back to work in capturing Robotboy.


  • Disc10

    Dr. Kamikazi's character profile from the Robotboy - Special Edition CD-ROM

    Despite some confusion it is confirmed that the name of Kamikazi is supposed to be pronounced "Kamikazi" despite his name is being based upon the Japanese word Kamikaze which means "divine" or "spirit wind" or also "special attacks". Though interestingly Professor Moshimo is the only character that calls him "Kamikaze", despite his different spelling and pronunciation (probably because of his actor, Togo Igawa being Japanese.)
  • The actual meaning of Kamikazi in Japanese is goddess.
  • Dr. Kamikazi caused some controversy, due to his supposed use of the word "jackass" in "Christmas Evil", despite Robotboy being a kids' show. However he wasn't the only character to cause up this stir. In the episode "Runaway Robot", Bjorn Bjornson had used the word as well to describe how felt about Professor Moshimo.
  • Of all the episodes of the series, Dr. Kamikazi along with Constantine have both appeared approximately in 57 episodes, altough Kamikazi also appeared in the episode The Old Switcharobot in a flashback, without Constantine, making him appearing in 58 episodes.
  • In "Runaway Robot" when Robotboy runs away to live with Gus, it is revealed that Kamikazi refuses to go anywhere near Gus's house because Gus' parents creep him out.
  • In the episode Bad Language the newsreporter shows a police mugshot of Dr. Kamikazi, meaning that he hasn't always got or get away with his criminal activities.
  • Kamikazi's favorite food seems to be Tapas as he had been seen asking Constantine to make them many times.
  • Kamikazi's mother refers to him as junior, which states that his father named him after himself. However Kamikazi in response hates to be called junior for reasons why is unknown.
    • It's most likely cause of Kamikazi high ego and becoming a villain he tries to maintain his reputation towards his company, thus his nickname being an embarrassment. It is noted that most antagonistic characters even outside of Robotboy try to uphold to their reputations, the best example shown when Kamikazi's mother talks to him like child towards Constantine.
    • Kamikazi might have also had a bad relationship with his own father, which is why he asks his mother never to never refer to him as "Junior" for these such reasons.
    • This was probably a reference to the Indiana Jones series, particularly Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, as the main character, Indiana Jones, is referred to as "Junior", much to his annoyance (Although he was named after his father, Henry Jones, and gained the "Indiana" nickname through his dog).

International Dubs

Language Voice Actor/Actress
Dutch Ewout Eggink
Hebrew Simha Barbiro
Swedish Peter Sjöquist
Castilian Spanish Luis Mas
Latin Spanish Roberto Mendiola
Danish Lars Thiesgaard
Polish Mirosław Guzowski
  • Roberto Mendiola, the voice actor for Dr. Kamikazi, is known to be the voice actor for Victor Van Dort in the Latin American dub of Corpse Bride and the voice actor for Heatblast in the Latin American dub for Ben 10 and Ben 10: Omniverse (season 5-8)


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