Dwight Turnbull is Donnie and Tommy's father, and Deb's husband.


He has short strawberry-blond hair and a very muscular physique.


He is an assertive person, always trying to get Tommy to play sports, so as not to be a girl. He dislikes Tommy's interests in toys and robots, especially Robotboy. He was once seem grinning cruelly when he thought he had an excuse to throw Robotboy out.

He once even got as far as quitting his job to become Tommy's full-time coach, when he noticed Tommy's cheating in tether ball (which is actually due to Robotboy helping him behind the scenes).


  • Of all episodes in the series, Dwight only appears in 40 episodes.
  • He quit his job in "Tether Tommy".
  • He calls Robotboy a doll on multiple occasions.
  • Due to Tommy not liking sports, he seems to prefer Donnie.

International Dubs

Language Voice Actor
Dutch Thijs van Aken (Season 3 and 4)
Latin Spanish Juan Carlos Tinoco
Danish Christian Damsgaard
Swedish Peter Sjöquist


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