Augustus Bachmann Turner (or "Gus" or even his favorite nickname, "The G-Man") is a character in the animated television series Robotboy, a French-American co-production from Cartoon Network, Alphanim, France 3 and Luxanimation.

Official synopsis

"Gus – or "the G-Man" - is overweight, weak-willed and selfish. He loves playing pranks on people (but most of the time they go wrong) and boasting about many skills that he claims to have... but obviously doesn't. Despite all that, Gus is one of Tommy’s best friends."


Gus is overweight, weak-willed, neurotic, red-headed, gluttonous, gross, jerky, small-brain and selfish – the very opposite of Tommy. He is Tommy's friend and a self proclaimed action hero and leader of the group. He is an attention seeker and tries to show off most of the time by pulling practical jokes on anyone close to him. However, most of these tricks backfire and often get him in trouble. He also boasts about many skills that he claims to have, but obviously doesn't. But despite all his faults, and his regular, but terrible practical jokes, he’s still one of Tommy’s best friends. An interesting note about Gus is that despite the fact that he claims himself as "cool", he lives in an old fashion house with his old fashioned parents (who dress in nineteenth century clothing). In spite of (or maybe even because of) his strict upbringing, Gus can be very greedy and selfish at times.

Amish Family

His parents are Amish, but that makes Gus different from them. His parents' names are Jebediah Turner and Hester Turner. Their horse is also considered part of the family.


Tommy Turnbull

Tommy and Gus are best friends, though this can be questionable. Tommy is normally angry at Gus when he uses Robotboy for tomfoolery. But they are both fans of the Human Fist. In the episode Kurt's Father he is shown to genuinely miss Tommy when Tommy goes to hang out with Kurt.

Lola Mbola

Lola and Gus are friends. Not the best, because they do normally fallout. But in the episode Constantine Rising, they both teach Tommy a lesson for saying that he doesn't need them. There could be some speculations that Gus likes Lola but only for two moments, one in "Bambi-Bot" and one in "Zap! You're Old".


"Friends", grudgingly. Normally Gus takes advantage of Robotboy for personal gain, but they sometimes get along. Normally at the end of the episode when flying back home, Gus will say something stupid that will make Robotboy kick him off. On other occasions Gus has helped Robotboy in many different ways and giving him tip.


  • He has many similarities to Eric Cartman from adult cartoon South Park, including a similar voice. However he doesn't get his way like Cartman does.
  • He is the first character to speak in the series.
  • His voice was much lower in the first few episodes, but it became higher for the rest of the series.
  • His middle & last names are a reference to the rock band Bachman Turner Overdrive.
  • Gus has appeared in approximately 95 episodes in the whole series.
  • He has been named "Goose" sometimes (most often by Professor Moshimo), either due to Tommy, Robotboy and Robotman mispronouncing his name by accident or Moshimo not knowing how to say his name right. Gus' foolish behavior (Goose is another word for a foolish person) or a shout-out to the minor Disney character Gus Goose are other good reasons.
  • Despite not much of a lover to vegetables, his most favorite vegetable was shown to be Asparagus.
  • Gus has been able to wear Robotboy's Activation Watch twice.
  • He's gained a disliking by fans due to his rude and immature behavior.
  • On 2 occasions, he'd been called "Tommy's girlfriend", by Kurt in Fight and Donnie in Kami-Chameleon.

International Dubs

Language Voice Actor/Actress
Dutch Ruud Drupsteen
Hebrew Dor Tzoignbom
Swedish Nick Atkinson
Castilian Spanish Sara Vivas
Latin Spanish Magda Giner
Danish Sonny Lahey
  • Sara Vivas, the Castilian Spanish voice actress for Gus, is a well known voice actress in Spain. She is most famous for her role as Bart Simpson in the Spain dub of The Simpsons. She is also known for the Castilian Spanish voices of Kyle and Kenny in South Park, Dexter in Dexter's Laboratory, Titeuf, Ziggy in LazyTown and Gir from Invader Zim, among many other roles.
  • Magda Giner, the Latin Spanish voice actress for Gus, is mostly known for being the voice actress for Invader Zim in the Latin American dub of the show with the same name.


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