"Halloween" is the 10th episode of the series and the 5th(b) of Season 1 of Robotboy.


It's Halloween night and Tommy and his friends are taking Robotboy out for his first time, but when Dr. Kamikazi sends monsters out he can't see what's real and what's not.


When Gus walks in to Tommy's room dressed as The guy with the mask on Halloween night, Robotboy gets scared and attacks him. When Tommy stops him, Gus is happy that his costume works and the he wasn't recognizable. Then he explains to Robotboy what Halloween is and invites him to join him, Tommy and Lola hen they are going to trick or treating, because everyone will think that Robotboy is just a boy in a robot costume.

Meanwhile Dr. Kamikazi uses a spy-cam on a bat to see what they are talking about in Tommy's room. He want to use his new army of monsters to catch Robotboy when he is trick or treating. When his army of monsters come, he is blinded by his snake pet who spits snake poison in his eyes.

Meanwhile the gang is ready to go. Lola is dressed as a cowgirl, Gus is only wearing a mask and Tommy is dressed as the hunchback of Notre Dame. But Robotboy also wants a costume. So Tommy gives his costume to Robotboy and decides to make a new costume for himself. He makes a Robotboy costume and goes trick or treating dressed as Robotboy. While they are trick or treating they run into Kurt, Stu and Mookie. Kurt demands that they hand over their candy to him, but they refuse. Gus tries to flee with Robotboy, but is being chased by Kurt. Gus eats all of his candy so that Kurt can't steal it from him. This makes Kurt angry and he steals all of Gus his clothes (except the mask) and leaving Gus behind, completely nude. Then Lola comes in panic and tells them that in the meantime Tommy is being kidnapped by Dr. Kamikazi. Robotboy rips off his costume-part of which Gus tries to use to cover himself with- exclaiming that they must find Tommy and grabs Lola and Gus, flying into the sky.

Dr. Kamikazi is pleased with himself that he finally captured Robotboy. Tommy and Constantine are trying to explain that he didn't but he doesn't believe them. Because his eyes are still blinded by his snake, he still doesn't see that well and really thinks that he captures Robotboy, because he can't see the difference between the real Robotboy and Tommy in his Robotboy costume. He wants Robotboy to super-activate and let him make do some assignments. First he wants to see Robotboy (Tommy) to demonstrate his superpowers by opening a big vault in a bank. But Tommy only hurts his feet when he tries to kick open the door. Then he wants to see if Robotboy can protect himself. So he puts Tommy in a rhinoceros cage in the zoo and tries to wake up the rhino so that he will attack Tommy. But instead the rhino releases a big amount of gas into Kamikazi's face. When Tommy also fails to fly and rescue a kitten that Constantine threw off a satellite tower. Kamikazi has enough of "Robotboy's" failures. He takes Tommy back to his plane, strapping him to a table, threatening to bomb his house if Robotboy (Tommy) still refuses to cooperate. Tommy tries again to explain that he isn't Robotboy and that he can't Super-activate, but Kamikazi doesn't believe him, thinking "Robotboy" was trying to outwit him. So Kamikazi decides to cut him open with a band saw to steal his motherboard and learn the secret to Super-activation.

Then Constantine tells Kamikazi that Lola, Gus and the real Robotboy have found them and are here to rescue Tommy. Kamikazi then realizes that the real Robotboy is standing in front of him and that he kidnapped Tommy. He orders his monsters to fight against Robotboy. Robotboy Super-activates, fights them and rescues Tommy before he's sliced open by the saw or gets burned by the dragon. Meanwhile Gus changes the location of the bomb to be sent towards Kaziland instead of Tommy's house. Kamikazi withdraws after Robotboy has taken down all of his monsters by detaching the half of the plane he and Constantine are in, throwing Gus out in the process. Robotboy saves Tommy and Lola by grabbing them and flying out of the other half that was plummeting towards the ocean, catching Gus and saving him as well.

Afterwards, Robotboy, Tommy and Lola return to Tommy's room where Robotboy says that Halloween is exciting, whereupon Lola say's that this year was a little bit too exciting. When she wonders where Gus is, Tommy explains that he is late-minute trick or treating, scaring the people in town because he is still naked.



  • Dr. Kamikazi: This nocturnal candy cram gives me the perfect opportunity to procuring a special threat, all for me! Constantine: Now boss, you remember what the dentist said about candy?
  • Robotboy: Gus? Why change costume? Gus: It's not a costume genius. It's my birthday suit
  • Gus: What? Haven't you ever heard about 'Butt naked boy'? Now where is my candy!
  • Gus: *when he sees Lola running by and she comes back* Where's Tommy? Lola: They took him, he's gone! Gus: Took him?! Where, to their stupid hideout? Lola: Not those idiots, it's Kamikazi! Robotboy: *rips off his costume* We find Tommy! *Gus picks up the wig and uses it to cover his naked self, Robotboy then grabs it* Robotboy: Come on, Gus!
  • Dr. Kamikazi: My brain may consist of soft tissue, not fancy electronics. But Mama Kamikazi didn't raise no fool!
  • Dr. Kamikazi: *as he activates the buzzsaw above a strapped down Tommy, whom he believes is Robotboy because of his costume* I'll simply crack you open like a piece of rotten fruit and extract your master chip! Then I'll hold the key to Superactivation! *laughs evilly*. Constantine: Uh, Boss? There's another Robotboy here with two kids, and, um, one of them is naked. Gus: *looks down to see that the wig is missing, having fallen off during the flight* Naked?!
  • Tommy: *after Superactivated Robotboy saves him from being sliced open by the buzzsaw and burned alive by the dragon* Boy am I glad to see you, Robotboy!
  • Lola: How do you expect to find Tommy? It's so dark! Robotboy: Tommy have watch, Robotboy have watch sensor. We find!


  • Kamikazi uses well known and famous classic monsters as: The monster of Frankenstein, a werewolf and a dragon.
  • For some reason, Kamikazi needs a quarter to activate his own machine.
  • In this Halloween-special almost all characters are wearing Halloween outfits. Only Dr. Kamikazi wears his normal clothing for the entire episode.
  • There was a script for an episode called "Halloween" on Cindy Morrow's website. It turns out this script is prototype for "Cleaning Day", another episode written by her.
  • It's interesting to note that Robotboy seemed to know what a birthday was, since he asked Gus if his was on Halloween. However, in "Cheezy Fun for Everyone ". Ro had no idea what a birthday was.
  • Goof: When the gang visits one of the houses for trick or treat, Robotboy can be seen having darkened blue eyes instead of his regularly light blueish color.
  • Goof: Tommy isn't wearing the watch at all while he was in his costume so there's no way Robotboy should have been able to find him with it.
  • Goof: The buzzsaw that was about to cut Tommy open is shown to have stopped spinning when the dragon breathed fire at him and Superactivated Robotboy. It could be that Ro stopped it himself before freeing Tommy or an animation error.
  • Goof: For some reason, when Constantine throws Gus out of the plane, he's wearing what looks like cuff links, even though he wasn't wearing any at all before then.
  • Goof: When the wolfman is coming at Robotboy before Tommy calls out a warning to him, the windows of the plane are colored white instead of showing the night background through them.
  • Goof: As the dragon is looming up behind Superactivated Robotboy, his shoulder blades are grey instead of dark blue. They remain grey as the 3 monsters surround him.
  • Goof: When Tommy is calling out to warn Robotboy about the wolfman, he's facing the back of the plane when the battle with Ro and the monsters was taking place at the front. The wolfman Ro knocked away was even seen picking himself up in the front.
  • Goof: Tommy's hair sticks out underneath the cardboard box that he wears up his head to look like Robotboy. It disappears after He, Kamikazi and Constantine are trying to rob the bank and it doesn't stick out anymore for the rest of the episode.
  • The wolfman, Frankenstein's monster, and the dragon all make cameos in other episodes: "Metal Monster" and "I Want That Toy".

In other languages

Int. Language Int. Title Translation
Dutch Halloween Halloween
French Mon premier Halloween My first Halloween
German Halloween Halloween
Italian Halloween Halloween
Hebrew ליל כל הקדושים (Leil Kol Hakdoshim) Halloween (The literal meaning is "All Saints' Eve")
Spanish Halloween Halloween
Swedish Alla Helgon's Natt primarily means; All Saints' Eve


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Robotboy - Halloween

Robotboy - Halloween

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