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Hans Helewaut (1968) is a composer and musician who composed the music for Robotboy.


In the eighties, while attending the Film School, Hans Helewaut founds together with his sister Els the music group ‘Elisa Waut’’.

Soon they become a national success, and have an international hit with ‘Four Times More'. Hans composes music for commercials, short movies, feature films, animation films and documentaries.

In January 1994, he joined the just founded film production company Panache, becoming 50% shareholder. At the end of the millennium Hans Helewaut with Panache is the driving force behind the foundation of the company ‘Masda, Music And Sound Design Associates‘, a big audio & music post-production company  based in the heart of Brussels, which becomes ‘Sonicville’ in 2007,  counting over 27 studio’s. As creative and musical director Hans works as composer, musical director and audio-postproduction supervisor on numerous projects.

After 10 years of dedication to the audio visual industry, Hans chooses to concentrate on more personal film & music projects. So in 2010 Panache sells its parts in Masda & Sonicville, to be able to focus on author driven feature films, animation and documentaries.


  • He wrote an online portfolio called "Tondo Music", where pieces of music he made can be found.
    • This includes 12 pieces of music from Robotboy.

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