Heath Kenny is a director, writer and producer of various animation shows related to children.

Before his job at Alphanim Animation he worked mostly as an animator with Expresso and Passion Pictures in the U.K. Since 2004 he works at Alphanim and since 2009 as creative director who acts as the link between management and the creative team at the studio.

He was born in England, moved to Paris, France to work with Alphanim and currently lives in Los Angeles, USA. In Paris he worked the most on Robotboy episodes.

Like many creative people working the field today, Kenny says he’s thrilled to see the widening definition of an animated series.


Heath Kenny got involved with Robotboy from series 2 (season 3 and 4). Along with Bob Camp he directed some episodes from season 3 and 4, giving a helping hand to Charlie Bean who was the only director for series 1 (seasons 1 and 2).

Along with Bob Camp he directed the following episodes:

Kenny was also the writer of the following episodes:

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