Helping and registering

So you want to help the Robotboy Wikia? It's simple and more gratificant than it seems at first sight. Wikia offers two ways of accessing the information:

Not Logged In

If you are not logged to an account, you can edit almost any page. However, instead of your session name, your IP will be displayed as responsible for the information. Remember that we have a strict policy regarding vandalism, and because of the current lack of moderators, a single offense can get you a ban for a year or forever.
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Logged to a free account

However, if you are logged in with a user name, vandalism should not be an issue and correcting mistakes becomes easier to do. It also helps us support the Wikia, because if the project is not popular enough, it can be suspended by Wikia. To create your own account, just use the link at the top right of the page that says "log in / create account" and follow the instructions there. Nothing else but a username and a password is needed.

Having your own account gives you some benefits:

  • Your own talk page.
  • The ability to change your preferences.
  • A watchlist to add your favorite pages.
  • Your own personal section, where you can even post fanfiction.

 Age Requirements

You have to be at least 13. This is not our rule, but from the Wikia Fandom.  

How to edit

See: Robotboy Wikia: Manual of Style

Start by reading a page, find the different text colors:

  • Black text is only that, plain text.
  • Blue texts are links to pages you haven't seen.
  • Purple texts are links to pages that you have visited once.
  • Red texts are links to pages that doesn't exist and you can start from zero.

Once that you find a page that needs a correction or you feel that something is missing, just press the “edit” button at the top of the page. That takes you to the edit area, where the text must be inserted. Remember that using a Wiki is different from using Word; there are some formats that must be used.

For editing help, please visit Wikia Help Tutorial or Wikia Help Contents.

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