"Human Fist On Ice" is the 23rd episode of the series and 12(a) of Season 1 of Robotboy. In this episode after Kamikazi finds out the perfect plan to capture Robotboy he uses a hypnotizing method to control an ice performer to get Robotboy for him while on an ice presentation with the main character's favorite superhero: The Human Fist.





  • Cameo: If you look very close at the scene where Tommy and his friends find their seats in the arena, there is a brief cameo of Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory, a past Cartoon Network that series director Charlie Bean worked on.
  • This episode is the first to show that Robotboy is sometimes able to see/hear what's going on while in Deactivated mode. If you look very closely at the scene when Tommy apologizes for not being able to activate him as the show began, you can see Ro's eyes slant a bit and he smiled.
  • This implies that Ro's Deactivated mode comes with two settings: Standby, which was mentioned in "Cleaning Day", where Robotboy is aware of his surroundings, and Inert *for lack of a better word* mode, where he's fully unconscious when his batteries are dead or when he's recharging.
  • Lola and Robotboy say together, "Goodbye, Human Fist! We love you!" which is kinda funny when you remember that both are voiced by Laurence Bouvard.
  • Robotboy is capable of moving and living without his head, as seen in "Kurt's Father" when Superactivated Robotboy did the same thing, implying that the head and body are independent from each other.
    • Though it's interesting to note that Ro's head looked inert until it reconnected with his body, unlike in "Stuck On You", where it was the other way around.
  • This episode reveals that The Human Fist is an existing superhero in The Bay Area. His nemesis, The Inhuman Toe is later on revealed to also exist and be his best friend in real life.
  • We see the inner mechanics of Robotboy for the third time; the other two being in "Kurt's Father" and "Sweet Revenge".
  • Tommy, Lola, and Gus are seen crying for the first time when they thought that Robotboy was dead, showing how absolutely devastated they would be if they lost Ro for good.
  • Extreme voltages of electricity can completely shut down Robotboy- though a bolt of lightning *which is far more potent than an electric chair* just recharges him in "Roughing It".
  • How Kamikazi got down to the electrocution room before Constantine and Ro fell into it, or even how he knew they'd fall there, is anyone's guess.
  • The abandoned prison is most likely Alcatraz, which is situated 1.25 miles offshore from San Francisco, further proving that this is the setting of the show.
  • After Ro's head reconnects with his body, he has no memory of the events that took place from when it was shot off and up to that point.
  • Continuity: At the end of the episode after The Human Fist saves the gang, he tells them that maybe Robotboy could be on his back some time. In Season 4, on the episode "Small Problems", he, along with his friend The Inhuman Toe (Both The Human Fist and The Inhuman Toe are best friends in real life while only playing enemies to each other in the TV show, as revealed in that episode) help Robotboy fix a building being split in half.

In other languages

Int. Language Int. Title Translation
Dutch De Vuist breekt het ijs The Fist breaks the ice
French Superpoing Superpowers
German Superfaust auf dem Eis Superfist on the Ice
Hebrew האגרוף האנושי על הקרח (Haegrof Haenoshi Al Hakerah) The Human Fist On Ice
Spanish Puño humano sobre hielo Human Fist On Ice
Swedish Knytnävsmannen på Is Fistman on Ice


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Human Fist On Ice

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