"Kami-Safari" was a comic made to promote Robotboy, as well as the only official comic of the series. It was published two weeks before the show's official launch on television on November 1 2005 as a four paged advertisement in the UK. It appeared in the English magazines The Beano and The Dandy in their issues from October 15, 2005.

The comic was written by Domgregory who oversaw the development and creation of launch marketing materials, premiums and a brand style guide of the show commissioned by Cartoon Network.


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This article contains spoilers about A episode

Having been told by Professor Moshimo that it is important for Robotboy to learn about the world, Tommy takes him to the zoo with Gus. Little do they know, they are being watched by Dr. Kamikazi (Via spy-cam on a robotic tropical bird), whom had made a trap in the reptile house earlier. He and Constantine fly to the zoo in the Kazi-Copter to oversee their plan.

In the reptile house, Tommy and Robotboy take a look at the turtles while Gus talks about the frogs in the reptile house being huge. Tommy sees a Frogman about to attack Gus and immediately activates Robotboy with his watch. Robotboy activates and starts to fight while Constantine appears standing behind Tommy.

Robotboy fights Kamikazi's frogmen when suddenly he hears a cry for help. He sees Tommy and Gus hanging above a alligator pit on a fishing rod controlled by Constantine. Kamikazi demands that Robotboy surrenders himself or else Tommy and Gus end up as alligator snacks. Tommy screams for help once again and Robotboy superactivates himself as Kamikazi orders Constantine to stop Robotboy. Constantine lets the rod go by accident, causing Tommy and Gus to fall in the pit. Robotboy pulls out his guns to shoot the remaining Frogmen and then rescues Tommy and Gus just before they become alligator food.

Kamikazi and Constantine try to escape, but they don't watch out for the door with the signs No Entry and Danger and walk through it by mistake. With Tommy and Gus safe, Robotboy is thanked by Tommy for his actions, while a zoo announcer informs the visitors that it's feeding time for the grizzly bears.

The comic ends with Tommy, holding Robotboy's deactivated form, watching a few hungry bears attacking Dr. Kamikazi and Constantine, both of whom had climbed up a tree to avoid getting devoured, while Gus eats the honey used to feed the bears with.


  • Dr. Kamikazi: Constantine, do something! I can't bear this! (Said as he and Constantine are trapped in a tree surrounded by hungry grizzly bears)
  • Gus: Hey Tommy, why are we in this dumb zoo anyway? Tommy: Professor Moshimo said it was important for Robotboy to learn about the world. Gus: Couldn't he learn about ice cream? I'm hungry!


  • In the last scene at the grizzly bear pit, three other characters stand around the pit, watching Dr. Kamikazi and Constantine getting attacked by bears. Two of these characters resemble Lola and Donnie. But because these three characters are black and not colored in, it could either be them or other people looking like them.
  • This comic marks the first time the Frogmen were used by Dr. Kamikazi to attack Robotboy.
  • The comic was published as a advertisement for the series, and the word Advertisement is printed above all four pages.
  • The comic was closely made with the show's creators and producers. As a result, the artstyle & storyline resembles those seen on the show very closely.
  • The solus advertising deal was organised by MediaCom in conjunction with Orange 20 Advertising Sales – the sales house for DC Thompson's youth titles, publisher of The Beano and Dandy. It was the first of it's kind in The Beano and Dandy's 65-year history. Robotboy took over all seven pages of advertising, including covers, using a series of comic strips, display ads and competition pages within the comics, as well as online at the new website . The Cartoon Network's competition would challenge children to design their own robots and send them in to The Beano and Dandy for a chance to win a Robotboy Action Figure, Robotboy poster or a Robosapian.

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