Kaziland is one of the major locations for most of the series. It is where Dr. Kamikazi and Constantine live.


Kaziland is an volcano island that has a opening to the inside resembling a mouth. Deep within, is Dr. Kamikazi's lair: full of traps, alarms, and screens. A freezer to keep some of his monster soldiers or a storage room holding most of his failed dangerous inventions. This is where Protoboy once was, until Roboboy freed him. The entire island looks isolated surrounded by dense fog but is actually not too far away from the Bay Area.


Dr. Kamikazi monitors Robotboy & Tommy Turnbull to plot how to gain Robotboy as his own. Being an evil genius criminal he sends many robotic drones to seek him. Most often he creates mutant genetic creatures to fight against them.


  • Kaziland bears a striking resemblance to the lair of Chase Young from Xiaolin Showdown, a show that aired 3 years prior on The Kid's WB (now The CW) and Cartoon Network.
    • Both are volcanoes with evil, demonic faces carved into them. The only difference is that Chase's is located in either a barren wasteland or on the edge of a lush jungle. The inside is also luxuriously furnished and has internal waterfalls and springs. Meanwhile, Kaziland is more technology-based, has lava pools, and is located in the Pacific Ocean a few miles offshore from The Bay Area.


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