"Knockoffs" is the 89th of the series and the 6th(a) of Season 4 of Robotboy. In this episode, when the boys go to the "Electronics Hut" electrical store inside where suddenly one of the employers wonders why Tommy buys such advanced products until Gus spoils about Robotboy and the employer starts to find out about him and starts to create his own.


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When Tommy & Gus go to the "Electronics Hut" store to buy parts for Robotboy and fix Gus' broken Game Buddy, Gilbert, the store clerk, wonders why Tommy buys such advanced parts. Gus said he didn't know, but finally snaps after being asked over and over and shouts out Tommy has a Super Secret Fighting Robot. Tommy tries to pass off what Gus said. Gilbert however secretly did not fall for the trick, and places a tracking device in Gus' Game Buddy when repairing it to locate Tommy's House and copy Robotboy. Tommy warns him not to tell anyone about Robotboy. The next day, Tommy and Gus return to Electronics Hut, only to find out many colorful clones of Robotboy. They were selling so well, that even Gus bought a pink one and the main villains bought clones. After that, the clones go berserk and start attacking people, they eventually run low on battery so they head to the electronics store. Tommy, Gus and Robotboy hurry up to Electronics Hut to destroy all the batteries, but it was too late, the clones arrived before they could do that. Robotboy fights the clones, he superactivated, and so did the clones. But before they could attack Robotboy, the clones' circuits burned up and they were destroyed. Gilbert finds out about this, and he escapes, the episode ends with him promising to make a even better robot and sell it to the world.


  • Robotboy
  • Tommy
  • Gus
  • Gilbert
  • Roboboy
  • Dr. Kamikazi
  • Constantine
  • Special Agent
  • Romcroft
  • Klaus von Affenkugel
  • Ludwig (cameo)


  • Tommy: I'm 10. Do I look like I'd have a super secret fighting-robot?"
  • Gus: Man. Electronics Hut's junk sure is junk."
  • Tommy: They're breaking!
  • Gus: Just like everything else from this cheesy store.



Left: C.H.O.P, Right: Knockoffs

  • There is a scene in Knockoffs that resembles a scene from C.H.O.P. In C.H.O.P, Robotboy in his Superactive form is hit by a missile that was shot by S.U.B, and in Knockoffs, it was a Red Roboboy exploding in its Superactive Mode.
  • If you look on the Roboboy's circuit board background (it is below in the gallery) that was shown for a split second in the episode, one can notice it has the Electronics Hut's logo (the arrow pointing right), that wasn't shown in episodes where Robotboy's mechanic parts are shown.
  • The Knockoffs were already low on battery by the time they reached Electronics Hut, but they somehow had enough power to fight and superactivate. Superactivation uses up a lot of energy and since the Knockoffs are (inferior) copies of Robotboy, who is unable to superactivate on low battery, this should not have been possible and they should have all deactivated or broke before they even attempted to superactivate.
  • "Knockoff" is a term used to describe a (typically-inferior) imitation of another product.

In other languages

Int. Language Int. Title Translation
Dutch Namaak Imitators




German Abgeschmettert! Shattered
Spanish Falsificación falsifications


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