Euan Lewis MacLeod (born 6 December 1970) is a Scottish character actor, who can be heard as the voice of many television commercials, film trailers and cartoons in the UK.

He was one of the many Voice Actors in Robotboy. He mainly spoke minor or one-time characters in the series. His most known and only main characters were Dwight Turnbull, Bjorn Bjornson, Special Agent, General Yakitori and Ludwig.

He is currently the voice of Postman Pat , taking over from Ken Barrie as the lead role. He also voiced the character Sebulba from the Star Wars Saga.

He divides his time between Glasgow and Surrey and is married. He has two daughters.

List of characters voiced by MacLeod


  • Both he and Rupert Degas voiced characters on Skatoony.
  • Both he and Rupert Degas voiced characters on Season 1 of Cartoon Network's The Amazing World of Gumball.
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