Lorraine Pilkington (born 18 April 1974) is an actress from Dublin, Ireland.

She was the voice of main protagonist Tommy Turnbull, Robotboy's 10-year-old owner and human best friend in the animated TV series Robotboy (series). She appeared as Tommy on all 104 episodes. She also voices his mother, Deb Turnbull.


At age 18 she moved to London where she was given a part in a Miramax film which eventually fell through. After returning to Dublin, Pilkington appeared in various films like Human Traffic and My Kingdom, a retelling of King Lear. In 2000, she was cast as Katrina Finlay, a schoolteacher in a Scottish village in the BBC television series 'Monarch of the Glen. After leaving the show at the beginning of the third season, she appeared in various other television productions such as Rough Diamond and Outnumbered. In 2006 she worked for the first time as a voice actress on the animated series Robotboy (series) as 10-year-old Tommy Turnbull. In 2008 she appeared in a short film by Luke Massey: Within the Woods. Since 2011 she is the narrator on Masterchef Ireland.

She married Simon Massey, the director of Monarch of the Glen, in 2001. They have three sons, Milo, Luca and Inigo.


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