Ludwig is the large orangutan who serves as the assistant to Klaus Von Affenkugel at all times. He's always seen together with him whenever Klaus needs his assistance.


After being bullied by both kids and squirrels, Klaus went near a zoo, where a missing orangutan, Ludwig, decided to protect him and give him company.


  • Along with his boss he has also appeared in 7 episodes.
  • Ludwig acts as not only a servant and henchman to Affenkugel, but also as his bodyguard and even a nanny, showing as to how he sometimes treats Affenkugel like he's a baby ("Six Million Euro Man" and "Wunderpark"). Ludwig is very protective towards Affenkugel and seems to have abandonment issues going by how he cried when he was fired and later sees him on the news in "Vitamin Sucker".
  • Ludwig becomes terrified of Miumiu after she beats him up in "Six Million Euro Man" after disrespecting her and Professor Moshimo, making him run out of the latter's lab crying.
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