Michael James "Mike" Rubiner is a writer, story editor and producer on various series, most of them cartoons.

He is known for his work on other shows like The Loud House, KaBlam!, Celebrity Deathmatch and Dude, That's My Ghost, another show from Robotboy creator Jan Van Rijsselberge.


Michael was one of the writers of the show for different episodes and one of the few writers who worked for all 4 seasons. His most cooperation was with Robert Mittenthal. Together the wrote most episodes for the series. He has credits for 24 episodes, but only 6 episodes were written by Rubiner himself. The other 18 were in cooperation with other writers.

Episodes by Rubiner

Here is a list of episodes that were written or co-written by Michael Rubiner:


  • In the opening titels of every episode he has written or co-written he is always credited as Michael Rubiner. But in the end credits he is always credited as Mike Rubiner.
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