Mr. Fournier is a teacher and a minor, recurring character of the animated series Robotboy.

He is one of the teachers of Tommy, Lola and Gus. He is seen teaching mathematics and geography. He is old, with a grey hair and very strict to his pupils.

He has always troubles with Gus and they can't stand each other. Gus is by far his worst pupil and get the worst results on tests. In one episode (The Curse of Truckenstein) he threatens to call Gus's parents to talk with them. Gus isn't happy with the threat and crushes Fournier's car. Altough he didn't really did that, because he was under influence of Truckenstein.


  • In the first episode (Dog-ra) Gus is the first character that speaks for the first time in the entire series. In that line of dialogue he mentioned Fournier, making Fournier the first person who's name is mentioned in the series, altough he was first seen in the episode Kurt's Father.
  • His last name Fournier is a French name. This perhaps indicates that he is of French descent.
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