Opening Sequence


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30 Seconds
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2 (see pictures)

"The Opening Sequence" is the intro for the show Robotboy itself.

It begins with Tommy in his room writing a letter to his idol Professor Moshimo, writing about what his next invention is.

Then we see Professor Moshimo receiving the letter, reading it and then turns his head to the right side to look at his new invention which is Robotboy himself. Three shots with 3D-animations of Robotboy's modes appears at the same time for demonstration.

A shot of a laughing Dr. Kamikazi appears at the same time we see Moshimo inside his mountain looking at the window. Then we see an army of Dr. Kamikazi's animal-soldiers preparing to catch Moshimo's new invention.

At Tommy's room we see Tommy together with his friends Lola and Gus looking surprisingly at Moshimo's new invention Robotboy rising up brightly from it's box. Robotboy takes a step forward while looking pretty menacing at first he quickly becomes happy to see his new friends in front of him and Tommy and his friends gladly becomes impressed.

And lastly the title appears with it's name and it's creator's name Jan Van Rijsselberge along with Robotboy flying under the title and then over it.


Tommy: Dear Professor Moshimo, How's your latest invention? I just know he's gonna be awesome! Your biggest fan, Tommy Turnbull.

Moshimo: Dear Tommy, He has surpassed all expectations, but I fear he may fall into the wrong hands. So, I'm sending him somewhere safe, somewhere perhaps he can learn to be a true boy.

Tommy: Wow!

Moshimo: A true...Robotboy!



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Robotboy Opening

Robotboy Opening

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Robotboy Intro in 14 languages

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