Professor Akira Moshimo is the creator of Robotboy, Robotgirl and Robotbird (also Protoboy and Robotman). He received a letter from Tommy Turnbull about him looking forward to his latest invention. As a result, Professor Moshimo sent him Robotboy to take care of. The Professor has a Japanese fiancee named Miumiu who also acts as his assistant. Despite the vast age difference between the two Miumiu appears to care deeply for the professor and has attempted to interrupt the professor's work with acts of affection. He also created Protoboy, Robotman and Robotgirl. His former rivals are Dr. Kamikazi and Bjorn Bjornson. He is voiced by Togo Igawa



  • Professor Moshimo has called Gus, "Goose" on numerous occasions. This is either due to not knowing how to pronounce Gus' name properly or knowing of Gus' foolish behavior, as "Goose" can also mean "fool". It could also be a nod to the minor Disney character, Gus Goose.
  • Professor Moshimo has appeared approximately 28 episodes of the series.
  • His first name, Akira, was confirmed by Jan Van Rijsselberge.
  • At one point in the early drafts of the show he was supposed to be an uncle of the main trio.[1]

Professor Moshimo's character profile in the Robotboy - Special Edition CD-ROM

International Dubs

Language Voice Actor/Actress
Hebrew Eli Lulai
Swedish Steve Kratz
Latin Spanish Martín Soto
Danish Torben Sekov
  • Martín Soto, is known the be the voice actress for Professor Utonium in the Latin American dub of The Powerpuff Girls and the voice actress for Champa in the Latin American dub of Dragon Ball Super.



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