"Robogus and the G-Machine" is the 54th episode of the series and the 1st(b) of Season 3 of Robotboy.


When Tommy prepares an all new upgrade for Robotboy, Gus suddenly drops his breakfast into Robotboy's head and while trying to get it out he reaches his tongue inside and gets electrified which leads to him and Robotboy gets their minds switched to each others bodies; Robotboy in Gus's body and Gus in Robotboy's body.




  • Cameo: If you look very close at the crowd where they are celebrating to Robotboy (inside Gus's body) one of the crowd looks like the character Billy from The Grim Adventures Of Billy and Mandy.
  • Cameo: After Robotboy (inside Gus's body) saved the schoolgirl from falling down, if you look close on the crowd you can spot Moshimo in the crowd despite him being in space.
  • When Tommy opens the tech pad from Moshimo to fill in the numbers to activate the microchip, the microchip is shown on the screen of the tech pad. Strange enough, when the microchip appears on the screen, Kamikazi's logo is on the microchip. The microchip on the screen with Kamikazi's logo is exactly the same microchip that was seen and used by Dr. Kamikazi in The Tune Up.
  • There is a script for this episode online. In this script, it is revealed that one of Kurt's friends (the one with the large beanie) is named "Mookie".
  • This is one of the only two episodes whose scripts were leaked online, the other being Cleaning Day's prototype script, "Halloween".

In other languages

Int. Language Int. Title Translation
Dutch Robogus en de G-machine Robogus and the G-machine
French Supergus-boy Super Gus-boy
German Robo-Gus und der G-Roboter Robo-Gus and the G-robot
Spanish Robo-Gus y la Maquina-G Robo-Gus and the G-Machine


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Robogus and The G-Machine

Robogus and The G-Machine

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