"Robolympics" is the 88th episode of the series and the 5th(b) of Season 4 of Robotboy. In this episode, Robotboy enters the the first ever Robolympics, where his competitors are Bjorn Bjornson’s Bjornbot, Ronald Rump’s trash-talking robot Cruelio, and Constabot, a poorly disguised Constantine.





  • The concept of the "Robolympics" was also used in Steven Universe, another Cartoon Network show. It was the name of Pearl and Peridot's robot competition during the episode "Back to the Barn", and also the name of the soundtrack that played in that part of the episode.
  • This episode was aired 6 days before the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, China.
  • This episode is a bit strange in that Tommy willingly allows Robotboy to be seen by thousands or millions of people. It could be because he talked it over with Moshimo, first, and he allowed it on the same conditions made in "Robot Love" (act like a regular robot, no showing off, no fighting, and no Super-activating) The audience and the judge also most likely thought that all the robots participating were just regular ones with no special abilities or anything.
  • Bjorn Bjornson is shown to be a couple inches shorter (around Tommy's height) than Bjornbot without his heeled shoes.
  • Ronald Rump makes his 3rd and final appearance, albeit with a lighter skin tone and a new robot, Cruelio. This could mean that Ronald had a fake tan in "Robot Love", which might be a reference to his namesake (Donald Trump) also having a fake tan.
  • General Yakitori reappears, somehow miraculously surviving being tossed into the sun by Super-activated Robotboy in "Mancation".
  • Just like in the aforementioned episode, Yakitori needs a pull-cord to speak. The reason why in unknown, but these two episodes are the only ones where he needed it.
  • General Yakitori's and Kamikazi's rivalry comes back for a final time in this episode. Yakitori calls Kamikazi "Kami-crazy" and Kamikazi calls him "Stink-atori".
  • Yakitori's mech is the same one he used in "A Tale of Two Evil Geniuses", though he thinks and acts of his own accord.
  • Bjornbot doesn't appear to need thrusters to fly like Robotboy and his siblings (or any of the other robots capable of flying, for that matter). Instead he seems to have the ability to hover or fly without thrusters.
  • Goof: After the hurdle event when Constantine (as Constatron) is walking towards the the winning robots, you can see that Bjornbot was accidentally colored to look exactly like Bjorn, even though Bjorn is standing on the sidelines with the other robot owners.
  • The trumpet fanfare heard in the beginning and throughout the episode (and had also been used throughout the series) was recycled for future use on Dude, That's My Ghost!, which was also created by Jan Van Rijsselberge.

In other languages

Int. Language Int. Title Translation
Dutch De Robolympische spelen The Robolympic games
French Robolympique Robolympics
German Robo-Olympiade Robo Olympics
Spanish Robo-olimpiadas Robo-olympics





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