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''This is Robotgirl. We thought you'd like a friend to keep you company'' - Professor Moshimo

"Robot Girl" is the 32nd episode of the series and 3rd(b) of Season 2 of Robotboy. In this episode when Robotboy can't follow Tommy on his family trip he is sent to Professor Moshimo's flying house together with him, Miumiu and an all new friend for Robotboy which is Robotgirl the female version of Robotboy himself to keep him in company.


When Professor Moshimo creates a Robotgirl as a companion for Robotboy, their mischievous adventures end up getting them in big trouble! When the robot duo disobeys Moshimo’s instructions not to leave the house, Dr Kamikazi’s bat clones quickly take them captive. Not heeding Moshimo’s advice, Tommy heads for the rescue, but ends up getting trapped in a ‘room of doom’ with both robots and Constantine! As the walls move closer and closer towards crushing everyone, Robotboy has to teach Robotgirl the art of super activation, as he can’t stop the walls closing in on his own! With everyone’s lives in her hands, Robotgirl has to learn quickly!


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The episode begins with Tommy packing his things to the family trip, they're going to the forest but a problem lies within Tommy that he can't bring Robotboy with him due to that he must share his tent with Donnie. Robotboy feels sadly about leaving Tommy and the same for him as well, then Tommy looks for the travel case Moshimo gave him to put Robotboy inside and it will take him to Moshimo. Then Tommy and Robotboy hugs each other as a farewell though Robotboy hugs to hard on Tommy he deactivates him immediately to not get hurt. He puts the deactivated Robotboy inside the case and it flies away out of the window and flies to Moshimo.

On Moshimo's house Robotboy gets activated by Moshimo and greets both to him and Miumiu. Moshimo explains to Robotboy that they are in a flying house where they are completely safe from Kamikazi or other danger outside. Then he tells Robotboy that they have a surprise to him, Robotboy turns his head to the left side of him and sees Miumiu while she moves away a bit to show Robotboy that there's a yellow box presenting as a present for him. Robotboy comes close the present, opens it up while Moshimo chuckles a little for excitement and Robotboy receives a little pink robot which he believe is a doll. But there's somehting more than that when Miumiu takes the honor of pushing an activation button and it activates the little pink robot to become as big as Robotboy. When Robotboy originally held her and when she grew he becomes surprised that he jumps away and the pink robot answers: "Hello, you cute." Moshimo tells Robotboy that the robot is Robotgirl, he also tells him that they created her to keep him in company. Robotgirl comes close to Robotboy when she tells him gladly to play with, she hugs him and then dance a little with him. But Robotboy feels a little scared to be with her so he back's off a little, Moshimo explains to him that she's very new and doesn't know very much and want's him to teach her everything he knows. Then he and Miumiu leave them both alone but tells them to not leave the house.

Alone with Robotgirl, Robotboy asks her if she wants to play "Tag" and Robotgirl gladly answers yes to it but doesn't know what it is. Robotboy explains and starts to fly upwards while Robotgirl thinks Robotboy is walking on air and Robotboy answers to her that it's flying and then tells her to do the same and she does. They both play "Tag" together until Robotgirl flies through the roof leaving Robotboy worried. Later Moshimo is at the outside of the destroyed roof and fixing it while Robotboy apologies to him about the incident, Moshimo tells it's alright but asks to find a more careful game to do and suddenly drops his hammer and crashes into one of his windows leaving Miumiu angry. Later Robotboy and Robotgirl checks on a fridge to look at the food and condiments and Robotgirl is curious about the ice cream and Robotboy explains. Robotgirl takes the ice cream outside and takes of it's lock and Robotboy stops her from not eating the ice cream. Robotgirl teases Robotboy of being afraid to eat it until they both are taking slices which leaves them deactivated and Moshimo fixes their problem while he becomes concerned if it was a good idea to create this particular thing to Robotboy. Later Robotboy and Robotgirl is outside at the front door and Robotgirl asks Robotboy to tell more about Tommy and what friend means leaving Robotgirl to understand better what friend means and hugs to Robotboy leaving Robotboy happy about having a new friend. Then Robotgirl asks Robotboy to meet Tommy but Robotboy explains to her that they have to order Moshimo's rule. But Robotgirl is too excited and looks sad to him while Robotboy thinks of a solution.

Meanwhile, at the Turnbulls' campsite, Tommy was fetching a bucket of water (prior to the fact that Donnie knocked him into the well) when he noticed what appears to be Northern Lights in the night sky, but what's really happening is Robotboy and Robotgirl are being attacked by Kamikazi's droids, who knocked out the two robots and took them back to Kazi Land. After learning of Kamikazi's plot, Tommy called Dr. Moshimo and had him fly to his lair.

Inside the lair, Robotboy is strapped to his chains while Kamikazi activities Robotgirl, who seems attracted to a pleased Kamikazi. Meanwhile, Tommy later sneaks in and rescues Robotboy before attempting to escape without Robotgirl due to her being reprogrammed, but Robotboy refuses to leave her, much to Tommy's annoyance and concern, and goes to save Robotgirl. When learning that Robotgirl can't fight and her strategy are useless, Kamikazi attempts to end them by closing the walls on them (including Constantine). As a result, Robotgirl freaks out while the others unsuccessfully find a way to escape.

With no way out, Tommy attempts to push the walls back with all his might, but he isn't strong enough and the walls only push Tommy further while Robotboy superactivates but cannot shoot through the walls. Tommy tells Robotgirl to superactivate, but she doesn't know how to, much to Tommy's disbelief. After Moshimo (and Robotboy in the French dub) explains how to do it, Robotgirl finally superactivates and uses her strength along with Ro's to push back the walls, saving everyone.

The next scene shows Tommy, Ro, Robotgirl, and Moshimo flying away in the hovercar. Robotboy asks Moshimo if he's mad at him for disobeying his rule about not leaving the house, but Moshimo replies that he's not angry and that he's very proud. Tommy says he is too and that Ro was a real friend to Robotgirl. Moshimo comments that he hopes RG will calm down after such a harrowing event and Ro is confident that she would learn. They're surprised at the sound of superactivation and turned around to see Superactivated Robotgirl holding up her arm cannon. She looks back at them and Ro quickly tells her that superactivation is only meant to be used on bad guys. So Robotgirl aims her cannon down at the ground and fires, nearly tipping the hovercar over. The cannon blast ironically hits the same tent Donnie was in, where he was flexing in front of a mirror with just a towel on. Donnie gets embarrassed once he realizes the tent had somehow been blasted away and his parents look out of their tent and see him. The episode ends with Ro, RG, Tommy, and Moshimo laughing as they drive away into the night.



This episode is considered to be one of the most favorable episodes from the fans of Robotboy. It has been praised for the appearance of Robotgirl, though many believed that the relationship between Robotboy and Robotgirl were meant as a couple (boyfriend and girlfriend) but it is still unknown if they are meant to be as brother and sister. Many fans loved the episode so much that they wanted another episode with Robotgirl, and thus Robotgirl returned for the second time on her titular episode: "The Return of Robotgirl". Episodes that involve Robotgirl even have a lot of views on YouTube.


Robotgirl: Hello! You cute!

Professor Moshimo: This is Robotgirl. We thought you'd like a friend to keep you company.

Robotgirl: We have fun!, Play now! Yes please?

Moshimo: Robotgirl is brand new. She doesn't know much, so I need you to teach her. Have a good time, but whatever you do don't leave the house.

Robotboy: That ice cream. Gus like. Eat much.

Robotboy: No! Food bad for robots!

Robotgirl: Robotboy afraid eat ice cream?

Robotboy: No afraid!

Robotgirl: Robotgirl sorry scare Robotboy.

Robotboy: Robotboy no afraid!

Robotgirl:Tell me more about Tommy.

Robotboy:Tommy best friend.

Robotgirl:What friend?

Robotboy:Friend someone you like. Trust.

Robotgirl:*hugs Robotboy* You friend. *Robotboy smiles* We go see Tommy.

Robotboy:Professor Moshimo say no leave.

Robotgirl: Please. Want meet Tommy.


  • It is a little odd that this episode where the name of Robotgirl is written by separating her entire name to "Robot Girl" since her official name is supposed to be put together with both the words for her true name. Although this is the only episode so far where her name is written like that, it might be to not get confused in which episode Robotgirl truly first appears at.
  • If you look close and pause on Robotgirl's deactivated form just at the first second of the scene where she gets activated for the first time and while Robotboy is holding her you can see that she has a happy closed mouth instead of the regular centered quite opened mouth.
  • The first game Robotgirl ever played was "Tag" together with Robotboy. She seemed to understand it's rules quickly.
  • In the scene where Robotboy and Robotgirl eat ice cream we see them eat 10 scoops before the scene shifts to the next scene when they get repaired.
  • The death-trap near the end is possibly a reference to the garbage disposal scene in Star Wars (AKA Episode IV - A New Hope) when the walls close in to flatten the main characters.
  • Possible Goof: Constantine says that the bat clones are new, however we first seen them in "Constantine Rising". Though he may mean a new batch of clones.
  • This is another episode in the French dub where Robotboy speaks while in his Superactived Mode. Instead of just Moshimo explaining to her how to superactivate, Robotboy does it aswell.
  • Goof: Robotgirl's bow changes from dark to light pink a few times.
  • Possible Goof: Robotboy's voice doesn't have the robotic vocal effect starting from the scene where he sees Tommy again. It sounds deeper at that point, too.
  • Goof: When Robotgirl takes the ice cream back from Robotboy, you can see where the carton had been with part of its label since Ro's hand hadn't been fully drawn in that frame.
  • Goof: When Moshimo and Tommy arrive at Kaziland and Moshimo is flying the hovercar up to the window, he and the control yoke are on the left side. When Moshimo is flying the hovercar at the end, he and the control yoke are on the right.
  • Possible Goof: Robotgirl's voice seems to have gotten lower when she got controlled by Kamikazi, although it returns to her normal voice later.
  • Goof: When Robotgirl gets activated by Constantine while being controlled by Kamikazi and starts to speak with him, her robotic effect for whenever she speaks is gone. The same for when she's going to attack Robotboy and doesn't know how. However it returns when she's alone with Robotboy, Tommy and Constantine when they're in the trap.
  • Possible Goof: Constantine congratulates Robotboy for saving them all from being squished when it was both him and Robotgirl with their combined strengths.
  • Robotgirl hugs 3 times in this episode; 2 for Robotboy and 1 for Kamikazi.
  • Robotgirl asks 4 times in this episode mostly about what a certain thing is.
  • Robotgirl's voice is a bit different in The Return of Robotgirl, possibly to avoid similarities with Lola's.
  • When Robotgirl Superactivated for the 2nd and last time and activated her cannon, Robotboy had told her, "Superactive for bad guys only!". Robotgirl then blasts her cannon (whether on purpose or by accident) at the tent Donnie was in. This is ironic since Donnie is one of the major antagonists in the show.
  • This is the only episode of season 2 to have no fight scenes whatsoever.


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