"Robot Rebels" is the 24th episode of the series and the 12th(b) of Season 1 of Robotboy. In this episode when Lola feels disappointed to Tommy for spending more time with Robotboy than her, her father comes up with an idea to make it more fun for Tommy to be more with Lola. Lola's father buys 3 giant robots for pure entertainment and while Tommy leaves Robotboy with them alone the 3 giant robots tells him that they should ignore being slaves to humans and wants to start a rebellion towards them.


When Lola gives Tommy 3 brand new robot toys in order to win his affection, she unwittingly plays into the hands of Dr Kamikazi! When Robotboy is left alone to play with the state of the art robots, they come alive and plead with Robotboy to help them escape human control and urge him to do the same. Of course, Kamikazi and his virtual reality equipment are laying a trap for the unwitting Robotboy.  As Robotboy slowly falls for Kamikazi’s dastardly plan he must decide to follow his metal mentors or remember all the good times he had with Tommy and recall that humans aren’t all bad…!


The episode begins with Tommy and Robotboy falling off a plane that's flying through the sky and when Tommy is about to land in the harbor, Robotboy comes to the rescue. Later, Tommy meets up with Lola, whom he was supposed to go to the movies with that day, except Robotboy was too playful for Tommy, so Tommy goes with Robotboy instead. Lola, feeling depressed, hops into one of her dad's limos. Her dad is a wealthy ambassador, wonders where Lola's splendid young friend Tommy is, and Lola tells her father that Tommy likes spending time with his robot more than he does with his girlfriend, much to Lola's sadness.




  • This was the 4th episode produced for the series.
  • Goof: The head writer Randolph Heard's last-name is misspelled as Herd.
  • Goof: In Tommy's backyard, Robotboy signals a 'Jumbo jet' upon which Tommy replies with: ''Wow, we've never done a jumbo jet''. This is odd, because the airplane that they were on earlier at the beginning of the episode to scare passengers was designed as a Boeing 747 also known as the Jumbo jet.
  • Lola's last name is revealed to be Mbola.
  • This is the only episode in which Lola and Gus don't appear in together.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Ambassador Mbola and his butler.
  • Goof: Super-activated Robotboy picks up Tommy to save him from the spider-bots, but when he gets caught in their webs and activates his saw-hands, Tommy is nowhere to be seen and doesn't show up again until Ro (in Activated mode) flies out of the volcano with him.

In other languages

Int. Language Int. Title Translation
Dutch Robot Rebellen Robot Rebels
French Les robots se rebellent Robot Rebels
German Roboterrebellion Robot rebellion
Hebrew רובוט מרדני (Robot Mardani) Rebelling Robot
Spanish Robot rebelde Rebel Robot
Swedish Robot Rebeller Robot Rebels


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