Robotboy's Activation Watch/Device is the main device to control Robotboy where Tommy uses it to activate him or deactivate and some other features as well.


The device is the main source of controlling and keeping eyes on Robotboy. It is used to activate and deactivate Robotboy whenever Tommy needs his help or accompany with him and also in case Robotboy becomes overeacting of destruction. It has a little monitor that indicates how Robotboy is holding up, it can indicate how much battery level he has, it also has a GPS functionality that can allow Tommy to know where both he or Robotboy is plus an ability to have holographic conversations/chats/messages. It appears to have 5 buttons however it is unknown which button is for.


The device is able to activate and deactivate Robotboy whenever Tommy knows when he needs him in a certain situation. To activate or deactivate Robotboy there is a button that might be sharing the same purpose to do that. If Robotboy is in his Superactive mode you can press the same button that activates/deactivates him but there are two ways; the 1st way is if you press the button quickly Robotboy's Superactived mode can come back to his activated mode. And the other way is that if Robotboy would go too berserk (while in Superactivated mode) you need to hold down the activation/deactivation button for a few seconds to make him deactivated.


  • On the episodes "Robot Rebels" and "The Homecoming" the watch/device gets destroyed however it does not affect Robotboy at all by any means, he won't get deactivated or anything strange happen to him if the watch/device is destroyed.
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