From 'deactivation' to 'activation', Robotboy also has a third (and last) mode, known as 'superactivation'. Throughout the series, Robotboy transforms into this mode during battle; normally when it seems that he had enough in combat and is ready to take on superactivation mode. He also tends to superactivate when Tommy is in danger. The same applies to his other friends, Lola and Gus. Robotboy will also superactivate to protect Tommy's family, such as when he did so in "Everybody Loves Grandma", in order to save Grandma Turnbull from a couple of General Yakitori's mechs. In this form, Robotboy is almost unstoppable in combat.


Robotboy becomes much taller when he transforms, nearly two or three times the size of Tommy, and his own regular mode. While he's superactivated, Robotboy is able to use more weapons, such as miniature missiles and saw-blades, all of which he doesn't have in activated mode. Robotboy's appearance also changes drastically. His base color goes from a whitish-blue to a medium silver, and he has larger, dark-blue hands, and boot-like feet attached to longer, more powerful thighs. His ears become twice their initial length, and curve upwards, into a horseshoe shape. Ro's face has a dark-blue, mask-like design, with a red outline, and his blue eyes are now red, with a white outline, and small tear tracks on the upper-left and bottom-right corners. In some episodes, they release steam. Ro's body is now separated by a thin, cylindrical dark-blue waist. His pelvis and torso are boxier and he has a jutted chest and sharp, pointy, dark-blue shoulder blades.


Superactivated Robotboy is a formidable fighter, nearly winning in almost every battle he is in, and often strikes fear and panic in most of his foes, just by his appearance alone. He tends to look emotionless while he's superactivated, and is unable to speak in this mode. However, he can express some looks, such as shock and smiles with his eyes and/or mouth. Though these are rare, and seen in only a few episodes ("Don't Fight It", "I Want That Toy", and "Science Fear"). He even released a single tear in "Crying Time" in this mode, when he realizes that he almost killed Tommy.


Just like in Activated mode, Superactivated Robotboy is able to survive and move without his head. In "Kurt's Father", he had detached it, to put it on the inactive body of one of his duplicates, in order to fool Special Agent, before he tossed it to the ground and reattached his head. He also has the ability to produce a new head, should something happen to his current one. In "Bambi-Bot", his head was trapped in a energy pom-pom. When Bambi-Bot threatened to kill Tommy, Robotboy had no choice but to activate a self-destruct sequence to explode his own head to rid himself of the pom-pom. A new head then popped up, and Robotboy destroyed the cheer-bots and Bambi-Bot, saving Tommy. Lastly, in "Brother Bjorn" when Bjorn Bjornson told Superactivated Robotboy and Superactivated Bjornbot to take a five minute break for battery replacement, both took off their heads and threw them to the ground, where they exploded, and then immediately grew new ones.

Super Strength

  • Superactivated Robotboy is much stronger than his activated mode, which is showcased many times throughout the series. For example, a single punch from him was able to cause a landslide that blocked lava flow from Kamikazi's volcano lair in "The Legend of Brainy Yak".


  • Superactivated Robotboy is a faster flyer; able to circle the Earth 10 times in just minutes.


  • Robotboy can fire missiles at any target from numerous places on his body.


  • Superactivated Robotboy can fire various lasers which come in different colors.


  • Superactivated Robotboy hands are equipped with flamethrowers that make it too hot for enemies to handle! He can even use the thrusters in his feet as flamethrowers.

Saw Hands

  • Superactivated Robotboy can switch his hands into saw blades or produce them from his wrists so he can still use his hands.

Reoccurring Abilities

Energy Blasts

  • Robotboy can fire energy blasts from the holes in his hands.

Grappling Hook

  • Robotboy can shoot out a grappling hook to hold onto stuff. This is mainly used for saving his friends.

Eye Beams

  • Robotboy can shoot lasers from his eyes.

Wrist Rocket Launchers

  • Superactivated Robotboy can fire rockets from his wrists.

Gatling Gun

  • Superactivated Robotboy can rapidly fire lasers from his right arm with his gatling gun.

One Time Powers/Weapons


  • In one of Cartoon Network's City bumpers, Robotboy gets annoyed by a fly who is flying around in Tommy's backyard. He superactivates and shoots a laser to the fly, but the fly just lands on Tommy's head. So Robotboy aims at him and fires. Instead of what usually happens to those who get blasted by Robotboy, Tommy's hair is just somewhat singed and he has soot marks all over him, but is relatively unharmed. The fly is also okay as it just buzzes away. This can mean that Robotboy in his Superactivated mode can use lasers or very bright light that doesn't cause harm; possibly realizing at the last moment that he could hurt Tommy. It's difficult to tell, of course, because the bumpers were made by Cartoon Network and not by the writers and was made for a comic effect only.
  • Exclusively in the French dub, Robotboy can talk in this mode. However, his voice is the same as his voice in his normal mode. The episodes Robotboy speaks in Superactivated mode are "Double Tommy" and "Robot Girl".
  • Superactivated Robotboy's eyes have been shown to glow or flash a brighter red numerous of times, specifically when he locks onto a specific target, such as the cotton candy rabbit's open mouth in "Door To Door". They also glow when he's focusing intently on someone such as Tommy falling to his death in "The Babysitter" or Agent 17, who was pretending to be Tommy in "Double Tommy".

Number of times Robotboy superactivated per season:

Season 1: 35

Season 2: 25

Season 3: 18

Season 4: 12

Number of times Robotboy superactivated per episode:

  • Season 1:
  1. “Dog-Ra”/”War and Pieces”: 3-1
  2. “Cleaning Day” / “Constabot”: 0-2
  3. “Teasebots” / “Constantine Rising”: 2-1
  4. “Metal Monster / “Time Transmission”: 3-1
  5. "The Donnienator” / “Halloween”: 1-1
  6. "Don’t Fight It” / “Kurt’s Father”: 3-1
  7. "Brother” / “Roughing It”: 1-1
  8. "I Want That Toy” / “Sweet Revenge”: 1-1
  9. “Robot Love” / “Brother Bjorn”: 2-1
  10. “The Boy Who Cried Kamikazi” / “Christmas Evil”: 1-1
  11. "Underwater” / “Kamikazi Nightmare”: 1-2 (SA Robotboy in Tommy’s dream does not count)
  12. "Human Fist On Ice” / “Robot Rebels”: 0-1
  13. "Crying Time” / “Runaway Robot”: 2-1
  • Season 2:
  1. "Robotman” / “A Tale Of Two Evil Geniuses”: 1-2
  2. "Something About Stevie” / “The Homecoming”: 1-1
  3. "Kindergarten Kaos” / “Robot Girl”: 1-1
  4. "Bambi-Bot” / “Double Tommy”: 1-1
  5. "Tether Tommy” / “The Tune Up”: 1-3
  6. "Shelf-Life” / “The Babysitter”: 0-1
  7. "The Manchurian Robot” / “Door To Door”: 1-1
  8. "The Consultant” / “Feline Frenzy”: 1-2
  9. "Attack Of The Killer G-Men” / “Party Out Of Bounds”: 1-0
  10. "Tummy Trouble” / “Valentine’s Day”: 1-1 (Almost 2 in “Tummy Trouble”)
  11. "Fight” / “Cast Iron Constantine”: 0-1
  12. "Kamispazi” / “Kami-Chameleon”: 0-1
  13. "Wrestling With Gus” / “Soothsayer”: 0-1
  • Season 3:
  1. "Six Million Euro Man” / “Robogus and the G-Machine”: 2-0
  2. "Foot Brawl” / “Remote Out of Control”: 0-1
  3. "Hair-A-Parent” / “Clammadon Rising”: 2-1
  4. "Bad Language” / “Up a Tree”: 3-1
  5. "Wunderpark” / “Zap! You’re Old”: 0-0
  6. "Racer Zero” / “The Legend of Brainy Yak”: 0-1
  7. "Nursing a Grudge” / “Stuck On You”: 0-0
  8. "The Sleepover” / “Rowho?”: 0-1
  9. "C.H.O.P” / “Destroy All Robots”: 1-0
  10. "Science Fear” / “Automatommy”: 1-1
  11. "Mancation” / “Journey to the Center of the Gus”: 1-1
  12. "Traffic Slam” / “Tragic Magic”: 0-0
  13. "Ooh That Smell” / “Museum Madness”: 1-0
  • Season 4:
  1. "Gus’s Big Mouth” / “Small Problems”: 0-0
  2. "Vitamin Sucker” / “Ogbot”: 0-0
  3. "Runaway Robot” / “Grow-No-Mo!”: 1-0
  4. "Aunty Gravitee” / “Cheezy Fun for Everyone”: 1-0
  5. "The Curse of Truckenstein” / “Robolympics”: 1-0
  6. "Knockoffs” / “Gus’ Mix”: 1-0
  7. "Robotboy’s Fifteen Minutes” / “The Old Switcharobot”: 0-1 (Technically Protoboy was the one who used Ro’s body to superactivate, so that still counts.)
  8. "I Hero!” / “Rats!”: 0-0
  9. "Udder Madness” / “Bad Nanny!”: 0-0
  10. "Bowling for Dummies” / “Tween For a Day”: 1-1
  11. "Donnie Turnbull’s Day Off” / “Robomonkey Shines”: 0-0
  12. "The Revenge of Protoboy” / “Everybody Loves Grandma”: 1-2
  13. "The Return of Robotgirl” / “Momma’s Boy”: 1-1


Superactivated Robotboy speaking (French Dub)

Superactivated Robotboy speaking (French Dub)

All Superactivations on Robotboy

All Superactivations on Robotboy

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