Welcome to the Manual of Style page. This page will direct users on the Robotboy Wikia how to edit pages in an organized, formal manner.

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  • New articles should be named according to the subject's official name.
  • The first line in the intro should be about the subject of the article, and the subject has to be written in bold.
E.g.: Constantine is a recurring villain in Robotboy and is Dr. Kamikazi's henchman
  • Avoid using the second person pronoun (you) in articles except for strategies and quotes. Avoid using plural pronouns for singular nouns as well.
E.g.: The characters cannot be referred as "they". Use the general "he", "she", or the characters' name.
  • Real world references such as voice actors and game developers should be linked to their respective pages on this Wikia or Wikipedia.
E.g.:Jan van Rijsselberge should be linked to his article in this Wiki.  
  • Use proper British English when writing articles and use proper spelling. 
  • All trivia are to be written in bullets.
  • All articles must contain more than one sentence. When explaining a certain object from the show, explain its use, who created it, and its appearances in the show.
  • Speculation should not be added into any article whatsoever. Speculation is biased, and we aim to write unbiased. If speculation is found, it will be deleted.
  • Do NOT add this code to articles: font color="insert color here". If you must use a code like that, please refer to the Hexidecimal Color Chart (easy to find on any search engine) to find the actual code for the color.


  • Articles not pertaining to Robotboy will be deleted.
  • Images with bad quality will be deleted. Fan art and icons are not allowed.
  • All articles needed for deletion should be marked with the deletion template and an administrator should be contacted in regards to it.

For Characters

Each character gets a article with an info box.

  • Do not insert any fan-made art in characters' pages, only official.
  • Always use the Template:Characters infobox for a new character page


  • Each location in the show will get an article as long they are actually locations in the show.
  • The name of the location should be the first thing on the page in bold.
  • List appearances of the location in any episodes they appear in and describe their role.


  • Only screenshots that can be used can be uploaded onto the Robotboy Wikia. No fan-made, icon, or low-quality pictures are allowed, inculding pictures used to decorate userpages.
  • Only 12 images at least are allowed to put on each episode's page. Otherwise you need to make an seperate Gallery page for the episode.
  • Images of characters are allowed to be placed in a gallery if there are many.


  • Only direct to play Youtube links are allowed
  • Links to the episodes are not allowed under any circumstances.
  • DO NOT EMBED FAN-MADE VIDEOS INTO ARTICLES. Only the admins can make a exception.
  • Broken links will be removed upon sight.
  • Please do not insert videos that do not relate to Robotboy.
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