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Don't you get it?! No one needs you anymore! You've been replaced! - Robotman
"Robotman" is the 27th episode of the series and the 1st(a) of Season 2 of Robotboy.


Professor Moshimo creates an ultra powerful adult version of Robotboy, and names him Robotman! Robotman is soon sent to live with Tommy to help him avoid unwanted evil attention! Tommy and friends are amazed with Robotman's ultra strength and super powers, and Robotboy soon becomes neglected. However, it quickly transpires that Robotman possess all the qualities of an ultra annoying adult! When Gus grumbles that Robotboy never gave them this much grief, the kids suddenly realise that they have forgotten all about poor Robotboy! On the way to find Robotboy, Tommy, Gus and Lola fall from the sky, but Robotman sees Tommy as his only priority. Fortunately Robotboy comes to the rescue for Gus and Lola, and the battle for Tommy’s friendship begins…!


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The episode begins with Robotboy, Tommy, Gus and Lola watching a TV show called Mortal Kombot when the announcer on the show treats the audience to a "sneak peak" on Professor Moshimo's newest robot. This turns out to be the TV staff trespassing on his secret lab, much to his and Miumiu's annoyance and anger. The announcer asks if Moshimo is making an upgraded version of a previous robot, who he calls "Robotguy". Moshimo corrects him on the robot's name, "Robotman", until he is reminded by Miumiu that he is secret.

The kids (except Robotboy) are amazed that Moshimo made an advanced version of Robotboy, then they get a mail delivery from a mailman with a giant box. After somehow getting the box in the house, Gus tries to open the crate while Lola reads a letter from Moshimo that reads that if Robotboy wasn’t safe with him, this certainly isn't and advises Tommy to take care of "him". Lola is taken aback by the mention of "him" when Gus finally opens the crate, inside is revealed to be a giant robot, Tommy activates it with an activation-watch, it seems to prepare to attack and Robotboy goes to defend the kids, but it doesn't and introduces himself as Robotman, he shows knowledge of Tommy, Lola and Gus, who he calls "Goose", but is corrected by Gus. He then asks to compare Robotboy and Robotman.

Robotman lifts Dwight's Car, but Robotboy lifts two cars and accidentally damages them, Robotman then lifts the Turnbull Residence, making Robotboy feel sad. Robotman then shows off how fast he is, then Robotboy goes very fast to a ice cream stand and gives the kids ice cream, but Robotman goes even faster takes them all around the world in just a few seconds. The kids are amazed by Robotman's powers, leaving Robotboy feeling left out.

That night, Robotboy is still feeling down, but he goes up to Tommy's bed to make himself feel better, only for Robotman to suddenly activate by himself, he is enraged by Robotboy sleeping on the bed, Robotboy shows shock by his sudden activation, Robotman explains it is ”Self-Activation", and one of the many abilities that Robotman has that Robotboy doesn’t, he tells Robotboy to leave as he "isn't needed anymore", Robotboy doesn’t because he is friends with Tommy, but Robotman tells him that "robots don’t have friends". Robotboy sees Tommy in his sleep roll over so that he isn’t facing him, causing Robotboy to sadly leave.

The next day, Robotman rudely wakes up Tommy with an loud horn, "early to bed, and early to rise", he then proceeds to constantly annoy and pester Tommy when he is preparing for school. When Tommy meets Gus and Lola again, he isn't fond of Robotman as he used to, as he constantly annoys him and gets on his nerves. Gus doesn't understand, still loving Robotman and ends up slapping him on the crouch, Robotman then grabs Gus and says that "Tommy requires new companions" who are are intelligent, stimulating and clean and calls Gus "undesirable" and puts him in a dumpster, Gus changes his opinion on Robotman almost immediately and says that they never got this much bad treatment as Robotboy, leading Lola to remember Robotboy and ask where he is. Tommy asks Robotman where Robotboy is, he casually responds "out of your life forever". Tommy demands to know what he did to him he casually says that he dismissed him and that he is "unsuitable". Tommy wants to find Robotboy, but Robotman takes him to school and forces him to do it afterwards.

After school, the kids are on Robotman looking for Robotboy when Robotman gets increasingly angry and refuses to continue looking after they are picking up on Ro's ion trail. Tommy prepares to fly Robotman himself but he activates a self-defence armour which causes Lola and Gus to fall off, Tommy orders him to save them, but he says they aren’t a priority, Tommy then jumps off, which does cause Robotman to react and go to save him. Tommy calls out to Robotboy for help.

Robotboy is shown sitting sadly in a waste dump, until he hears Tommy and goes to save him and the rest, he saves Lola and Gus, but Robotman saves Tommy. Robotman after saving Tommy says that Robotboy has been replaced, but Robotboy denies this and says that he needs him, Robotman still says that he has been replaced and flies at him and they fight, Robotman throws Robotboy at a crane, causing it to drop logs and send them at the kids, Robotboy saves them when Robotman uses a chain to pull Robotboy and punch him, Tommy then calls Moshimo, Robotman gets ready to continue to fight Robotboy when Moshimo calls out "ENOUGH!", and says that he heard everything about Robotman and deactivates him.

When Moshimo goes to apologise as he didn’t know Robotman would act this way, he reactivates and is enraged by Moshimo deactivating him, he says that he isn’t a child and is in fact an adult and he will destroy Robotboy. Moshimo tries to deactivate him, but he doesn’t respond to it. Robotman shoots rockets at Robotboy, causing him to superactivate and fire rockets at Robotman which bounce off him and hit the crates and causing them to fall on him. It seems he was stopped again, until he suddenly superactivates, much to everyone’s terror. He attempts to slash Robotboy with claws but he dodges them, Robotman looks for Robotboy, and gets frustrated by his hiding, Robotboy climbs a crane, swings on it's hook and flies past Robotman, causing him to fall into a trash compactor, Robotboy activates it causing him to get crushed into a cube. A crane lifts him out and his batteriea fall out and he is deactivated and is sent on a garbage ship.

Moshimo apologises, saying that he should have know you can’t improve on perfection, Gus shoves Robotboy out of the way, thinking he was referring to him, Tommy corrects him, but Gus ignores this and still thinks he meant him. Tommy and Robotboy then drop Gus into the sea and they all walk off as the ship sets sail and the episode ends.



Robotman: You have been replaced! Robotboy: No! Tommy need me! Robotman: *flies at him* Don't you get it?! No one needs you anymore! You've been replaced!

Robotman: How dare you deactivate me! I am not a child, I am an adult! And I will destroy Robotboy!


  • The first and only appearance of Robotman. Due to him being killed off at the end.
  • When Robotboy flies back to Tommy, Lola and Gus to give them ice-cream, only his head is drawn. The rest of his body is missing and replaced with a flying effect.
  • Mortal Kombot is a parody/pun on the fighting game Mortal Kombat.
  • Genghis Can is a pun on the name of "Genghis Khan", the founder and Emperor of the Mongol Empire
  • How they got the box that held Robotman inside the house is a mystery since it looked way too big to fit through the door.
  • Robotman was first activated with a watch, similar to how Robotboy is activated, but it was only used once (maybe twice at bedtime). It's never seen or used again since then. Moshimo uses a remote to later try and deactivate him, even though Tommy could have tried to use the watch to do so.
  • Robotman's claws coming from his knuckles is possibly a reference to Marvel's Wolverine.
  • Robotman doesn't have a deactivated mode.
  • Tommy is shown that he's capable of overriding a robot's systems by hacking into their control panel, which is what he tried to do before Robotman activated his self-defense.
  • Robotboy looked disappointed when Robotman lifted Tommy's house, outshining him lifting two cars. He was disappointed because he wasn't as strong, which isn't true. Robotboy has been shown to be able to lift submarines and cruise ships before, both of which weight a lot more than a house.
  • Robotboy's Superactivated mode has roller-blades, which is seen for the first and last time in this episode where he uses them twice.
  • Robotoy in SA mode is 7-7.5 feet tall (counting his ears). Robotman's SA mode is a lot bigger, presumably around 10-12 feet, which makes Robotman appear even more superior.
  • Goof: It could be the perspective, but when SA Ro is flying at Robotman from behind to trip him, his ears look shorter, wider, and not curved as they appear in his Activated mode.

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