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Runaway Robot "is the 26th episode of the series and the 13th(b) of Season 1 of Robotboy.


Robotboy sees an advert with Bjorn Bjornson saying he could turn him into a real boy. This is a trick, and Bjorn reprogrammed him into being under his command. Eventually, Tommy and Moshimo get him to snap out of it, and Bjorn is defeated.



Robotboy: *voiceover of the note he left on Tommy's desk* Dear Tommy. Robotboy go to Schnitfarm, become real boy. We use toilet together when get back.

Bjorn Bjornson: So, you're a creation of Moshimo's. No wonder he hasn't turned you into a real boy. The man's a jackass.


  • In this episode Bjorn Bjornson says to Robotboy: "So, your a creation of Moshimo's. No wonder he hasn't turned you into a real boy. The man's a jackass." This is one of the two episodes in Robotboy to have the word "jackass", the other being Christmas Evil, sparking some controversy, as this is a children's cartoon. The scene was edited out by the U.S. version of Cartoon Network, possibly due to the word.
  • Robotboy thought he had become a real boy, "Bobby", when Bjorn taped a picture of one to his head. He should have realized something was up when he flew into the air and Superactivated to keep Moshimo from turning him back. After all, real boys can't transform or have weapons attached to them.
  • This is the first appearance of Mama Bjornson.
  • Robotboy recognized Bjornbot in his disguise, but couldn't recognize Bjorn in his, even though they look exactly the same, aside from one being a robot.
  • The hometown of the Bjornsons is revealed. It's either Schnitfarm or Schnitfart (Robotboy, Moshimo, and Bjorn pronounced it differently from each other).
  • If you look closely when after Superactivated Bjornbot crashes through the wall and before smashing into the ice, a reindeer had unfortunately got his tongue stuck. When he sees Bjornbot coming, he takes off...his tongue being ripped off in the process.
  • Mama Bjornson appears to be a reindeer farmer and she uses them for milk.
  • Robotboy's voice is a bit deeper in this episode.
  • Moshimo arrived surprisingly fast just after Tommy contacted him. It could be that he was already on his way after Tommy told him that Robotboy had mysteriously left.

In other languages

Int. Language Int. Title Translation
Dutch Robotboy wordt echt Robotboy becomes real
French La fugue de Robotboy Robotboy's Fugue
German Robotboy will ein richtiger Junge sein Robotboy wants to be a real boy
Hebrew רובוט נמלט (Robot Nimlat) Fugitive Robot
Spanish Robot fugitivo Fugitive robot


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