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"Runaway Robot" is the 83rd episode of the series and the 3rd(a) of Robotboy. In this episode, it all starts off where Robotboy gets mad at Tommy for almost never being allowed to do whatever he wants that's fun, however, Tommy doesn't like the way Robotboy is speaking to him that causes him getting mad back, which leads to Robotboy deciding to runaway and live with Gus, however they soon start to miss each other.


This episode begins with Tommy getting ready for a dance party, he uses hair gel showing off his new looks in the mirror explaining to Robotboy that the party is going to be great with DJ, prizes, and all kinds of other things. Robotboy likes hearing what there is, he squeezes hair gel on his head and tells Tommy about him doing limbo and asking how low he can go, Tommy ignores Robotboy's question about limboing and says he knows the deal, he needs to stay home so that no one can ever see him. Robotboy gets mad throwing a tantrum calling Tommy a wet rag and says he never gets to have fun, he tells Tommy always promising that if he's good, then he gets a present. Robotboy angrily asks Tommy where his present is, Tommy tries covering the situation by tricking Robotboy into thinking the old toy he gives him is a present. Robotboy angrily throws the toy against the wall breaking it saying it's not a present, it's just an old toy making Robotboy call Tommy a liar. Tommy was only joking and promises Robotboy that he'll get him something tomorrow, Robotboy goes too far calling Tommy a big jerk never letting him have fun, Tommy has just about had enough of Robotboy's attitude offended by his very rude words, he begins grounding him telling him to get in his backpack until he's ready to behave himself, Robotboy refuses deciding to just runaway going to go live with Gus because he loves him better that never says "no". Tommy reminds Robotboy that he's scared of his parents, but Robotboy suddenly says that he's not afraid, this turns into an argument, Tommy is officially okay with Robotboy leaving as he doesn't even care, there's no one stopping him and says that he won't miss him, they stand clear pouting still mad at each other, then they look at each other, Tommy thought that Robotboy was leaving, Robotboy moans just as he's flying over to the window then Tommy says that he'll be back, Robotboy stops and lets Tommy off with a warning not to hold breath then Robotboy flies away, Tommy has had it and loudly growls, then he pounds on the hair gel tube and a bunch of hair gel squirts on him, then he becomes depressed deciding not to go to the party anymore not after Robotboy's major attitude.




  • This episode is quite notable for it's oddity of sharing the same title from the last episode of Season 1.
  • It is revealed Kamikazi refuses to go anywhere near Gus's house because Gus's parents creep him out, just like other people who are scared of them. It is also revealed that Constantine is creeped out by them.
  • This is the final appearance of Gus' parents.
  • This is the first episode Robotboy finally throws a tantrum at Tommy giving him reasons for never letting him do whatever he wants, he calls him a wet rag, a liar, and a big jerk which is going way too far, making Tommy yell at him back for the way he's talking to him because of his major attitude, which turns into an argument, however, it still doesn't change anything.
  • This is one of the few episodes of series 2 to have Kamikazi Clones and one of the even fewer to have animal clones.

In other languages

Int. Language Int. Title Translation
Dutch De wegloper The Runaway
French Robot rebelle Rebel Robot*
German Der Ausreißer The outlier
Spanish Robot rebelle Fugitive robot

*The episode Robot Rebels is also called Robot rebelle in the French dub.


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Runaway Robot

Runaway Robot

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