Special Agent (or commonly known as Kurt's Father) is a secret agent and also the father of Kurt.


Before he was a secret agent, he worked at a cappuccino cafe.

As a secret agent, he is obsessed with capturing Robotboy to create copies of him, similar to the intent of Dr. Kamikazi. The only difference between them is that Special Agent is trying to get a promotion at the government and wants to sell the copies to the secret service as a weapon. By his colleagues he is described as a power-hungry mad-man.

He has ordered his subordinates to find out about Tommy and Robotboy. But they gave up and told him to continue with other work and that Robotboy didn't exist. From that day forward he is desperate to catch Robotboy to proof his superiors that he is right.

He's shown to abuse his authority as he got two criminals to play for his son's soccer team in exchange for "putting in a good word for your parole officers''. Also from time to time he uses weapons - even satellites - from the government for his own use.

In seasons 3 and 4 he appeared rarely and only tried to steal Robotboy once in the episode Foot Brawl. He also had a different appearance. He got a rounder cheek, a more sunburn skin (his skin returns to its original color in Knockoffs) while still having his black sunglasses. In season 1 and 2 he was also seen with a large TV-screen that covered his face and which he wore on his back.


  • Despite being commonly known as: Kurt's Father, his real appearance name is supposed to be: Special Agent, which he's called by his boss and one of the other agents. However it is still unknown what his true real name is.
  • His wife was never shown. She could either be working elsewhere, divorced or deceased. Although in his cameo appearance on the episode "A Tale Of Two Evil Geniuses" he can be seen sitting together with a woman in a pink dress with a similar appearance like Agent Kalaschnikov.
  • His voice sounds similar to the Oscar-winning actor Christopher Walken.
  • On the episode The Manchurian Robot, it was revealed by his boss Romcroft that he used to work at a "cappuccino cafe".
Language Voice Actor/Actress
Swedish Steve Kratz (1 episode only)
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