The Assassin Drone


First Appearance
Last Appearance
Created/Invented by
Robotboy (supposed)
Super Advanced Assassin/Battle/Fighting Robot
N/A (possibly gender-less)
To destroy Robotboy in the past

The Assassin Drone[1] is a fake robot that turned out to be a fraud to Robotboy making both him and Tommy believe that he arrived at their house to destroy Robotboy from the past.


It appears as a large dark robot with a pretty sleek design. It bears with red glowing eyes with a scar on it's right side of it's eyes which might indicate that it has been fought before in other moments. It carries two weapons from both it's arms while behind it's head there's two pipes.


It's purpose was to destroy Robotboy in the present time of him so that he wouldn't become an evil lord in the future. So it was send by the Future Messengers to destroy him once and for all.


Very little is known to this particular robot since it was sent from the Future to destroy Robotboy from becoming an evil lord. It can be seen in only 4 scenes on the episode "Time Transmission", the first were we see it's face, the next one a far glimpse of him standing on the same street were Tommy lives, the third scene it looks on a side and turning it's head to the other side and lastly walks on and destroys a dump-truck. When Robotboy and Tommy hears their doorbell they instantly believes that it is the Assassin Drone behind their door. And just when Robotboy quickly flew out of the door it turns out to be a fraud and finds no drone but Donnie himself being crushed by the door.


  • It's only physical appearance was so far only seen on "Time Transmission" and has never been seen afterwards without leaving any cameos.
  • It's also one of the villains Robotboy never had battles with.


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