The Bay Area is the major location for most of the series. Tommy, Robotboy, Lola, and Gus live here, and constantly refer to it as 'The Bay Area.' Its apparently a major city/region in the country.




  • Kamikazi's island (Kaziland) seems to be miles off shore, but is actually near this area.
  • Because this is the main location for the series, almost every episode takes place here. From the 104 episodes, this location is used in 103 of them. Roughing It is the only episode where The Bay Area does not appear in.
  • The Bay Area is a famous region in Northern California. Popular for being the second most toured area in the country and is the home for most technological companies and advancements.
  • It is confirmed by concept art that the cast lives in San Francisco, however, the characters never say it's San Francisco in the series, but it can be guessed by the viewers as they live on a huge island like city with bridges on both sides.
  • They have a red bridge that is similar to (and probably could be) the famous Golden Gate Bridge.

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