"The Homecoming" is the 30th episode of the series and the 2nd(b) of Season 2 of Robotboy.


In this episode Tommy receives a message from Professor Moshimo and tells them that Kamikazi is defeated and demands him to return Robotboy to him. But when it turns out that Moshimo is actually Kamikazi, Tommy & his friends go to rescue Robotboy.





  • The giant Gorilla in height reference the film "King Kong".
  • It's very unlikely that Tommy, Lola and Gus would fall for Kamikazi's trick since he's much shorter than Moshimo, not to mention the mouth not moving.
  • When the loyalty dial was set for Robotboy to go to Moshimo, he should have went to the real one, who was underwater doing an experiment at the time, instead of Kamikazi who was disguised as Moshimo.
  • Lola kisses Robotboy for the first time. Ro looks very surprised since this is his very first kiss!
  • Moshimo deliberately calls Gus "Goose" and has to be corrected by Tommy.
  • Kamikazi had smashed Robotboy's Activation Watch to prevent Moshimo from issuing anymore commands to Ro. A new one must have been created by the next episode.
  • It is apparent that Tommy did not sleep for at least 24 hours since he stayed up all night with Robotboy, debating whether he should go or not.
  • Superactivated Robotboy's mouth is shown, for the first time, to be able to change shape with his expressions. It got a snarled look to it after he threatened to shoot Queen Kong if she didn't let go of the kids.
  • The platform that Tommy, Lola, and Gus had been placed upon to be sacrificed is shown to be smaller in the scene where SA Ro rescues them from being crushed by Queen Kong.
  • Robotboy is shown to have X-ray/thermal vision, which is how he found Lola and Gus while playing hide 'n seek.
  • Constantine was supposed to be disguised as Miumiu, but Robotboy didn't fall for it. So instead he was improvised to be Miumiu's sister who had taken her place after a "lab accident while on vacation." It is strange that Ro wasn't able to tell that he wasn't talking to the real Moshimo in this scene but knew that Constantine wasn't Miumiu.
  • Though you could see him being a little suspicious after "Moshimo" slapped "Miumiu's sister" and told "her" to shut up. But it's quickly dismissed.

In other

Int. Language Int. Title Translation
Dutch Terug naar huis Back To Home
French Adieu, Robotboy Farewell, Robotboy
German Zurück nach Hause Back to Home
Spanish Regreso a casa The Homecoming


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