"The Return of Robotgirl" is the 103rd episode of the series and the 13(a) of Season 4 of Robotboy. In this episode, the gang were having a sleepover in their tents, until they suddenly see something fly bg and hit the top of a hill and find a little mechanical pod which Robotgirl is inside. Robotgirl was sent from Moshimo to tell them that he's in danger and he needs their help.


Robotboy’s friend and fellow creation of Professor Moshimo, Robotgirl, arrives at Tommy’s suffering from memory damage and bearing a distress message from Moshimo. When Tommy and Robotboy finally manage to get her to lead them to Moshimo, it turns out they’re walking right into a trap set by another Moshimo creation: Protoboy, who seeks to lure his fellow robots to their doom.


At a night at Tommy's yard, he and his friends are having a sleepover in thier tents. When the boys where making shadow puppets they suddenly get frightened by a little spider and run inside Lola's tent. Gus prefers not to be inside since he finds Lola's tent too girly and he makes Tommy and Robotboy leave the tent.

Suddenly, something from the sky crashes on top of a hill and the boys take a look. They find a mechanical pod, Tommy opens it up and inside they find a little pink robot which is Robotgirl. They activate her and she plays a holographic message. In it, Professor Moshimo, in a hurry and in danger, urgently tells Robotgirl to tell Tommy something. Tommy suspects that Moshimo is in trouble while seeing if Robotgirl can help them find him. Unfortunately, she seems to misunderstand their question due to her emotion chip being broken and punches Gus for no reason.

At Tommy's bedroom the boys are trying to fix her, until Gus insults Robotgirl, causing her to cry. When Robotboy comforts Robotgirl he makes fun of Gus and Gus gets mad and they start arguing at each other, scaring Robotgirl. Suddenly, Lola appears and comforts Robotgirl and takes with her to her tent. Tommy reminds Lola to ask Robotgirl to find out about Moshimo.

After Lola has comforted Robotgirl and tells her to ignore her logic functions and instead listen to her emotions, the gang starts to look for Moshimo and arrive at an abandoned Titanium Factory. They start looking until they find Moshimo inside a tube where he is held hostage by Protoboy. Protoboy demands both Robotboy and Robotgirl enter the molds so they will get frozen inside a titanium liquid so Protoboy can be the only robot of Moshimo's and he'll let him go. Robotgirl approaches up to one of the molds but Robotboy stops her and he gets caught inside one instead. To which Protoboy mocks him for. He then tries to convince Robotgirl to do the same, but Professor Moshimo tells her not to do it, but Robotgirl doesn’t change her mind. Tommy then says that Protoboy was lying, Robotgirl responds that her logic functions read "Save Moshimo", but her emotion chip says that Protoboy is lying, so she flys up to fight him. Protoboy then activates the titanium machine and then he fights Robotgirl.

At the same moment the kids try to figure out an idea to be able to free Moshimo and Robotboy from being dipped. Protoboy defeats Robotgirl by kicking out her batteries which deactivated her and almost kicks her into the burning liquid when Lola interrupts him by telling that Moshimo has another robot that he likes more then him and it will beat him up. While Protoboy prepares to fight the other robot Lola frees Moshimo and Robotboy. Protoboy finds out that the "robot" is an illusion made by Tommy and Gus and prepares to shoot them, but gets blasted by Superactivated Robotboy with rockets and falls onto the bridge. He tries to shoot Robotboy and Moshimo, but Ro blasts him a second time and the the bridge, causing it to collapse, Protoboy nearly falls into the liquid, Robotgirl nearly falls into it too, but Robotboy and Moshimo save her just in time. The liquid starts to destroy the whole factory but Robotboy saves them all at the last second by carrying them on a piece of rubble as the factory explodes, leaving Protoboy's fate unknown (according to Jan, he survived).



  • Moshimo: Must hurry, must hurry Robotgirl! Great danger!
  • Robotgirl: No professor, I stay!
  • Moshimo: No, you will be safer. He'll get us any second. Tell Tommy, that I am- (message corrupts and ends)


  • This is the last episode in which Robotboy speaks.
  • This is the last appearance of Lola Mbola, Robotgirl, Professor Moshimo and Protoboy. This is also the 2nd and the last appearance of Robotgirl in the entire series.
  • In this episode we learn that Robotgirl is able to cry likewise Robotboy could in "Crying Time" and "Hair-A-Parent".
  • This is the only episode in which Donnie and Protoboy don't appear in together.
  • This is the second time where Gus appears as his alter-ego The Guy With The Mask whereas the first time he was his alter-ego was on the episode "Halloween". Though here the name isn't mentioned.
  • When Lola and Robotgirl are in Lola's tent, Gus finds a Human Fist action figure in Tommy's backyard. The only thing it can do is smash things with its fist. This is possibly the action figure made by Dr. Kamikazi when he distracted Tommy and Gus in the episode The Consultant and he left behind in the garden in that episode.
  • The last episode written by Robert Mittenthal and Michael Rubiner.
  • Possible Goof: Tommy is smiling when Gus calls Robotgirl terrible.
  • Goof: When Protoboy says "Not finished, yet", his mouth does not glow when he is talking.
  • This is the only time Lola encounters Protoboy.
  • This is the only episode where Protoboy and Robotgirl both appear.
  • Jan Van Rijsselberge has stated that the titanium factory has no backstory, and was just an abandoned factory which Protoboy broke into and modified the machinery for his evil plans.
  • When Protoboy flies after superactivating, until the end, the footage appears to be slightly slowed down.
  • This is the only episode with Protoboy where he doesn’t end up being destroyed at the end.
  • For a while, it wasn't known if Protoboy survived the ending or not, some people thought he may have survived because he isn't shown falling into the titanium or being blown up. It wasn't until November 2020 that Jan Van Rijsselberge comfirmed he survived.

In other languages

Int. Language Int. Title Translation
Dutch Robotgirl komt terug Robotgirl returns
French Le retour de Robotgirl The Return of Robotgirl
German Robotgirl kehrt zurück Robotgirl returns
Spanish El retorno de RobotGirl The Return of RobotGirl


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The Return of Robotgirl

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