"The Revenge of Protoboy" is the 101st episode of the series and the 12th(a) of Season 4 of Robotboy. In this episode, Protoboy returns and wants revenge on Robotboy, but after being interrupted, he decided to destroy Robotboy some other time and then Tommy and Gus must fix Robotboy before Protoboy comes back again.


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In the middle of the forenoon Donnie is tossing oranges at Gus until Gus plays possum which manages to trick Donnie thinking he's unconscious (or presumably dead) which leaves Donnie running away in fear and comes to a fishing boat.

Meanwhile back at Tommy's yard Gus wakes up and explains to Robotboy what playing possum means and suddenly a meteor arrives and it is positioned towards Tommy and Gus, but Robotboy destroys it. They wonder how the meteor could have been positioned to them just like that, until Protoboy reveals himself, much to everyone's shock, Tommy says that Protoboy was blown to bits infront of his own eyes, Protoboy responds that he isn’t so easy to destroy and starts get revenge on Robotboy by brutally tearing him to pieces until he gets almost destroyed and just when he was going to finish him off, he gets a phone-call and flies away and says that he will return.

Later, Tommy and Gus goes to a desert where they need to find Moshimo's secret laboratory. They can’t find it, despite the coordinates on the map, Gus freaks out and begs Protoboy to come and find them before they die of thirst and starts begging for a drink until he ends up licking a cactus and screams in pain, the cactus is revealed to be Moshimo in a costume and he says that their coordinates were correct, then the ground opens up and they fall onto a mine cart heading to the lab. Moshimo says that no weapon can stop Protoboy, Tommy then suggests turning up the output of Robotboy's particle beam to fry Protoboy's motherboard, Moshimo finds this a good idea and says that they will get started right away, the cart then flies into the lab. In the lab Moshimo, Miumiu and Tommy are fixing Robotboy while Gus watches the TV, which is interrupted by the news where it says that a cruise is in grave danger by Protoboy, which makes Tommy worried because his parents are on that cruise so he brings Robotboy with him to save them and the whole cruise. Gus initially stays behind, but Moshimo and Miumiu didn't appreciate this, so Gus goes and follows Tommy and Robotboy

At the cruise everyone is terrified by the disaster caused by Protoboy, except Tommy's parents who are completely oblivious of the situation. During this, Donnie is found by the fisherman, who happily gives him the choice between working or swimming. Robotboy, Tommy and Gus arrive to save the ship and stop Protoboy. While Robotboy and Protoboy face each other. Robotboy tries as much as he can to make his brother change his ways, but Protoboy does not want to. Robotboy flies away and hides to get Protoboy away from the ship. Protoboy loses Robotboy, but he gets an idea on how to get Robotboy to come out. To do this, he dives in to the water, and flies into the cruise ship from underneath, making a big hole in the ship and grabs Tommy and flies off with him.

The gap in the ship is letting water in, and the ship starts to sink, causing more panic over the passengers. Gus abandons the ship by jumping in the sea. He swims away but is stopped by a shark. He tries to play possum, but it doesn't work and the shark eats him.

Meanwhile Robotboy is looking in the sky for Protoboy who has Tommy. He finds them and sees that Protoboy is seemingly slowly choking Tommy (consciously or unconsciously) to death with his shirt. Robotboy angrily demands him to leave Tommy alone. Protoboy complies, though in the worst way possible by dropping Tommy. Protoboy gives Robotboy a choice, save Tommy or the passengers on the cruise ship. But Robotboy manges to save both by saving Tommy in time, putting him safely on the deck of the cruise ship, and then saves the cruise ship by going underwater and smashing the surface to make a big hill for the ship to rest on. Protoboy is impressed by this, but still wants to fight.

This makes Robotboy having no choice but to fight him and they superactivate, Robotboy gets unusually defeated quickly by Protoboy, much to Tommy's horror and sadness. Protoboy proclaims he got his revenge and prepares to destroy the whole ship, commenting on how he would have liked to have seen Robotboy see him destroy the ship and kill everyone on it, but suddenly Robotboy comes from nowhere, leaving Protoboy surprised and Robotboy reaches to his chest and tears out his motherboard. A down-faced Robotboy watches his brother falling into to the sea, obviously hurt about how he had to kill his own brother. He brightens up when Tommy is happy see see him alive, Robotboy turns around to see his friend Tommy being unharmed and explains to him that he played possum like Gus taught him and they fly away to find Gus.

The episode ends with Donnie catching a shark on the fishing boat. When the fisherman takes a picture of Donnie and the shark, Gus comes out of the shark. Upon seeing Donnie he plays possum, causing Donnie to panic again and jump in the water to swim away very fast.



  • This episode marks the last appearance of Miumiu.
  • This episode was the 3rd produced of series 2.
  • Some fans are confused when this episode takes place. Either after the events of "Brother" or "The Old Switcharobot", particularly when Tommy says to Protoboy: "You were blown to bits, I saw it with my own eyes!" As he was blown up in both episodes. This episode being produced before the latter confirms that this was intended to be Protoboy's second appearance.
  • Continuity: The ending of Brother is directly referenced when Tommy mentions how Protoboy was "blown to bits".
  • Protoboy's line "Okay, Proto have no time to finish you, but Proto be back". This line is a possible reference to the famous line said by Arnold Schwarzenegger from the movie "The Terminator": "I'll be back.".
  • The same boat from "Underwater", The Orca, is reused as the fisherman's boat.
  • This is the first episode where Protoboy's flames are blue.
  • This is the only episode where Protoboy's deactivated mode is seen, although funnily enough in his first appearance he didn't have this mode despite being shut off for a long time until Robotboy activated him again.
  • This is the only episode with Protoboy in it that has his name in the title.
  • Possible Goof: When Protoboy first appears, Gus collapsed on his back. When Protoboy leaves, Gus is laying facedown.
  • Possible Goof: The underside of Protoboy's shoulder blades are orange in some shots.
  • Possible Goof: When Protoboy is first shown attacking the cruise ship, he's in Activated mode. The next time he's shown, he's in Super-activated mode.
  • Goof: Superactivated Protoboy's orange part on his left arm is miscolored white when he is seen holding the ship.
  • Goof: When Robotboy says "where go?", his mouth moves before he says the line.
  • Goof: When Protoboy is holding Tommy to show Robotboy the "bad thing" he did, the wires on the front of his head are missing.
  • Goof: When Donnie says "get up you big faker!", a small dot appears briefly above him.
  • Possible Goof: This might be an angle thing, but Robotboy and Protoboy are just about to punch each other, Protoboy's upper half appears to be dislodged from his lower half.
  • Goof: When Protoboy says "and now get revenge on brother!", the bottom of the screen becomes glitched.
  • While Protoboy is holding Tommy with his shirt, it's appears that Protoboy is choking him. Because he is lifting Tommy with his shirt, causing Tommy to slowly choke as seen by Tommy's expression.
  • Protoboy is revealed to either have a girlfriend or a wife in this episode since he refers to someone as "Dear" during the phone call. This is the only episode she's ever mentioned in.
  • According to FX designs for this episode, its production date is May 31, 2007.
  • This episode's tentative title was "Return of Protoboy". Robert Mittenthal has also called the episode the same name.
  • The FX designs for the explosion caused by Robotboy and Protoboy colliding are called "AKIRA EXPLOSION", this is a reference to the manga series and anime film Akira.
  • This is the only episode with Protoboy where Moshimo doesn’t interact with him.
  • This and Brother are the only episodes with both Protoboy and Miumiu in it, though they don’t interact.
  • On the TV Gus was watching, the time reads 16:04.
  • This is likely the most violent episode of the series.

In other languages

Int. Language Int. Title Translation
Dutch De Wraak van Protoboy The Revenge of Protoboy
French La Vengeance de Protoboy The Revenge of Protoboy
German Protoboys Rache Protoboys Revenge
Spanish La venganza de Protoboy The Revenge of Protoboy


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