"The Tune Up" is the 36th episode of the series and the 5th(b) of Season 2 of Robotboy.


When Gus had downloaded a pirated video game using Robotboy, Robotboy becomes infected by a virus from the game and needs to be fixed before he becomes berserk of destruction.


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The episode begins with Gus showing Tommy Omega II, which hasn't even been released yet. When Tommy asks how he got it, Gus replies "Arr, it's a pirate life for me!" and runs off.

Back home, Tommy sees Robotboy acting weird, thinking he's on the planet Omega. That makes him find out that Gus used him to download Omega II off the internet and it got him a virus. While confronting Gus, Robotboy's vision mistakes he boys as Omega overlords, causing him to punch Gus. Tommy calls Professor Moshimo about the virus, but as he's too busy repairing his space telescope he calls a repairman.

The repairman had been hijacked by Dr. Kamikazi and Constantine, with the latter taking his place. Constantine places an implant in Robotboy without anyone noticing, then leaves. While Tommy is distracted by a phone call from Gus, Robotboy, affected by the implant, sees Mr. and Mrs. Turnbull walking outside, but sees them as citizens of Omega. Luckily, Tommy deactivates him before he could destroy them. Dr. Kamikazi appears as another repairman and tightens his implant into Robotboy's system. He tells Tommy there's no use, as the virus had spread through his brain, and the only thing to do is to destroy him. Tommy is reluctant to that, but he sees Robotboy wrecking the city soon after, and deactivates him before he could obliterate a dog.

Tommy calls Professor Moshimo, who tells him that Robotboy has become a serious threat, and that he's not himself at all anymore. He regrettably e-mails his ctrl-alt-delete software to Tommy, who is also reluctant to destroy Robotboy. Dr. Kamikazi tells Constantine that their plan to find the secret to take over the world is working, and explains he's to take Robotboy apart and use him to create evil Robotboy clones.

Tommy puts Robotboy's deactivated form in a small box and heads outside, only to be stopped by Dr.Kamikazi and Constantine. Kamikazi tells him there was nothing wrong with Robotboy in the first place, and it was his implant that did all the work. Tommy, in turn, explains that he never used the ctrl-alt-delete software and merely pretended to destroy Robotboy with it. He activates him, and Kamikazi sends out his minions. Robotboy super-activates and destroys a couple of them, but one of the remaining robots wraps him with his arms to trap him, and another puts his arm on Robotboy's chest to electrocute him, but it backfires and destroys the remaining minions. Tommy runs to Robotboy, glad he's back to normal, and they exchange a hug as Kamikazi drives off.

Tommy calls Professor Moshimo, telling him that Robotboy is okay, and that Kamikazi was behind everything. Moshimo asks to speak to Robotboy, but Tommy says that he needs one more thing to take care of, and Robotboy is seen chasing Gus while exclaiming "DESTROY OMEGA FREAKS!".



Dwight: Tommy, your stupid doll almost killed me!

Tommy: Yes, Gus? What do you want? You wanna use him to pirate another game?! You can't use Robotboy to pirate Veggie Wars III: The Reckoning! I SAID NO, GUS!

Professor Moshimo: We all love Robotboy, but with this virus he's not really Robotboy anymore... just a ruthless engine of destruction.

Tommy: You will always be the best friend I ever had, Robotboy...

Dr. Kamikazi: It will work for us, from beyond the grave! Once he's terminated, I'll take him apart and run the secret of superactivation, and create an army of evil-ish Robotboys!

Tommy: Oh, but it's not too late... I never used this! (Holds up the ctrl-alt-delete disk) I couldn't destroy Robotboy! I pretended to use it! Game over, Kamikazi. (Activates Robotboy) Let's get to work, Robotboy!


  • Possible Goof: On one frame of the scene/transition where it cuts from Tommy's face to Gus and on the first frame of the transition you can see a grey background showing letters.
  • After Constantine leaves Tommy's house, Tommy's cellphone rings because Gus calls. The cellphone ringtone is "The Buffoon", an actual ringtone from Nokia which can be heard and used with the Nokia 3310.
  • There is an old production version of one scene from this episode on Vimeo. This version of this scene lacks music and sound effects, but has the characters' voices, and has several unused scenes that were cut or edited, like a cut ending scene.

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Int. Language Int. Title Translation
Dutch Het virus The Virus
French Robotboy se détraque Robotboy breaks down
German Das Virus The Virus
Spanish La afinación The tuning


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