Tommy Takeaway is a Robotboy game on the UK Cartoon Network website and formerly on the US Cartoon Network website. It is also the only game that you can play on the Robotboy - Special Edition CD-ROM.


Tommy has been kidnapped by Dr. Kamikazi and taken to his Island. You must rescue Tommy, and put an end to Dr Kamikazi`s evil scheme.


You use the Mouse to move Robotboy  around and collect Batteries to boost your life gauge. 

You must evade the missiles the Frogmen throw at you.

If you keep evading, you will transform into Robotboy's Superactive Mode, and will enter a first-person perspective, where you will have the option to shoot down Frogmen. 


  • Tommy Takeaway is one of the only two Robotboy Flash games to contain Cartoon Network's logo, the other being Professor Moshimo's Robot Testing Lab.
  • Due to its use of the cursor, this game can be played on the Nintendo Wii using the Y8 Site version
  • This game has a sequel called Robot Rescue, that once appeared on Cartoon Network's website, but was removed from the site in the channel's modern era, and became completely unknown and obscure. It was once also playable on other sites, but it doesn't work on them anymore.
  • It was originally exclusive to the Robotboy - Special Edition CD-ROM.
    • There is a Spanish version of the game in the Spanish version of the CD-ROM, in that version, the Frogmen and the missiles move much slower, making the game easier to complete. The Cartoon Network logo on the title screen was also changed in that version, from the CN-era logo to the classic checkerboard logo.
    • There was once also a Polish version of the game on Cartoon Network site.