Tommy Turnbull is a blond, square-headed boy and Robotboy's new caretaker. He is smart, responsible, sensitive, likable and acts as a mentor to Robotboy. Tommy tries to teach Robotboy the ways of the world through his eyes. He is the son of Deb Turnbull and Dwight Turnbull, and the little brother of Donnie Turnbull. He is the unofficial leader of the team that consists of him, Robotboy, Lola, and Gus.

Official synopsis

"10-year-old Tommy Turnbull is a smart, sensitive and likable boy. He’s a best friend and mentor to Robotboy, and tries to teach his robo-buddy the ways of the world as seen through the eyes of a human child."


Tommy is a square-headed boy with tanned skin, his hair is shoulder-lengthed blond, he wears a white shirt with two separated red and yellow stripes, teal pants and white shoes.



Robotboy is Tommy's best friend. Together, they have partook in many adventures, improving their friendship along the way. In many episodes, Tommy teaches Robotboy about humanity and human behavior; being a mentor to him whenever the little robot needs explanations. In the episode "Robot Rebels", Dr. Kamikazi temporarily broke up their friendship by disguising himself as the leader of robots, but thanks to Tommy they reunited again. In fact, there are many times in which countless villains have sabotaged their friendship, but Robotboy and Tommy always make up in the end. In "Crying Time", Dr. Kamikazi reprogrammed Robotboy to make him obey to whatever command he issued, one of which was to destroy Tommy. But after a Superactivated Robotboy saw Tommy crying for mercy, he remembered back to earlier that day when Tommy was comforting him as he cried, which was enough to snap Ro out of Kamikazi's control and rescue Tommy from Kamikazi's clones.


Lola is the 10-year old confident and smart daughter of a rich African ambassador, as well as one of Tommy's best friends. She also secretly has a crush on him, which Tommy does not seem to realize. Tommy gets annoyed whenever someone calls Lola his girlfriend, though he won't accept her true affections towards him.


Gus is one of Tommy's best friends, even though Gus sometimes acts selfish and isn't shy of taking advantage of him or Robotboy. He won't think twice about stealing from Tommy and, on certain occasion, abandons his friend for his own sake. Still, Gus does indeed value his friends usually does his part in helping the team during trouble.


Deb Turnbull

Deb is Tommy and Donnie's mother. She is very loving and caring towards them and her husband, unless they do things that upset her, such as make a mess of the house, or disobey her. She seems rather oblivious at times, such as when she doesn't always catch onto Donnie's horrible treatment of Tommy. While she is strict when it comes to punishing her sons and husband for their wrong-doings, she is very kind and motherly and only wants the best for her family. It is said that she works as the town's bookmobile librarian, which could allude to all the books she reads during the show. That, or she just enjoys reading.

Dwight Turnbull

Dwight is Donnie and Tommy's dim-witted father and the husband to Deb. He has twisted views on what he considers to be manly, and expects Deb to have dinner ready for him by the time he returns home from work; getting mad if it wasn't, implying he's very controlling and has the toxic mindset that women should do everything for their husbands. He constantly dotes on Donnie, who is his favorite, and berates Tommy on a daily basis, because Donnie is always working out and wanting to do "manly activities", but Tommy doesn't. He sees Tommy's collection of action figures and robots as "dolls", and considers them "girly". He highly disapproves of Robotboy, also seeing him as a doll, and has tried to get rid of him multiple times. Dwight is very sports-oriented, even owning, or managing, a sports shop downtown. He is very overbearing, mainly to Tommy, since he wants his sons to be very active and strong. He is afraid of his mother, Grandma T, since she babies him as much as she did when he was a kid.

Donnie Turnbull

Donnie is the older brother of Tommy. Donnie usually bullies Tommy. Despite this, Tommy still treats Donnie like a family. Robotboy despises Donnie for being cruel to Tommy and isn't afraid of hurting him in revenge. Donnie has seen Robotboy active many times but usually just thinks he's a dumb toy and has also tried to get rid of him just like his father. It was shown in "The Legend of Brainy-Yak" that Donnie attends the same school as Tommy, as a high school student, but it's highly likely that he skips a lot and also pays money to get test answers, making him a big cheater, as well. Donnie is very prideful of his strength and can be seen working out most of the time in his bedroom, which has his own weights. Donnie isn't afraid of hurting kids smaller and younger than him and has caused much property damage, getting grounded at least once for smashing mailboxes. He is susceptible to authority and adults larger and stronger than him, though.

Grandma T

Grandma Turnbull (Grandma T) is the paternal grandmother to Donnie and Tommy, the mother to Dwight, and the mother-in law to Deb. She is very active and adventurous for her age and loves her grandchildren very much, implying that she sometimes brings them gifts from her travels. However, she is very nearsighted, which allows her to mistake Robotboy (who she mishears as Robert) for one of Tommy's human friends. Grandma T is very sweet and funny but babies her son, Dwight, despite him being a full-grown adult. She enjoys surfing and drinking tea but doesn't like when people ruin things for her and others ("Lets blow this pop stand. Those jet-skiers ruin it for everybody!"). Grandma T develops a relationship with General Yakitori in "Everybody Loves Grandma", going back to his space base with him. It is unknown if they're still together, but it's very likely.


Dr. Kamikazi and Constantine are the main nemesis for Tommy, although Donnie (His big brother), Kurt and Special Agent have become a big threat to Robotboy in the series.


  • The main reason why Tommy got entrusted to keep Robotboy is due to Tommy thinking of Professor Moshimo as his biggest inspiration. Therefore, it is likely that Moshimo is able to entrust Robotboy to Tommy because of this.
  • When Tommy's hair is in the wind, his ears look tiny and attached to his head. But when his hair is in its normal shape, his ears are mostly sticking far out from under his hair, which makes Tommy look like he has floppy ears.
  • There seems to be some inconsistency with Tommy's skin-tone, as well. He usually has tanned skin, but some scenes and promo art (like the profile pic) shows him with paler skin. The same thing happens with Deb.
  • Along with Robotboy, Tommy has appeared in every episode of the series.
  • Tommy is the only member of his family where his name does not start with the letter "D".
  • Donnie can get on Tommy's nerves, as shown in "Up a Tree".
  • Tommy has survived 14 assassination attempts from various villains, mostly from Dr. Kamikazi. He has been kidnapped in 10 episodes and 3 games. He also survived 9 almost-fatal accidents and attacks.
    • This fact is why his profile on TV Tropes has 'Distressed Dude' as one of his tropes. While Robotboy is a victim to a lot of captures and near-fatal accidents himself, Tommy (sometimes along with Lola and Gus) is the one who often needs rescuing during his attempts to save his little buddy.
  • Tommy was the first character - apart from Professor Moshimo - to have mistakenly called Gus "Goose".
  • Tommy has been able to meet his idol, The Human Fist, twice.
  • In "Tummy Trouble" and "The Legend of Brainy Yak", he - along with Robotboy - is not a main character.
  • Tommy resembles Mac from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.
    • In addition, both Mac and Tommy have a nasty brother. Terrence is to Mac what Donnie is to Tommy.

International Dubs

Language Voice Actor/Actress
Dutch Anneke Beukman
Hebrew Amit Toledano
Swedish Anton Olofsson Raeder
Latin Spanish Claudia Motta
Castilian Spanish Valle Acebrón
Danish Zacharias Grassmé Taj
Polish Aleksander Gręziak


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