Who wants to see some Vegas reject trying to pass off a load of lame cardtricks as magic? - Gus
"Tragic Magic" is the 76th of the series and the 12th(b) of Season 3 of Robotboy. In this episode, Robotboy, Tommy and Gus visit a magic show featuring Felonious Hexx. When Gus makes fun of him through the show the magician transports him into his magical world where he's going to make Gus suffer.




  • Gus: (About Felonious Hexx) Who wants to see some Vegas reject trying to pass off a note of lame cardtricks?
  • Felonious Hexx: I am no longer Thelonious with a Th. I am Felonious with a F!


  • Continuity error: It is extremely odd that this particular episode is shown after the episode Nursing a Grudge since this is the episode where the boys get to meet Felonious Hexx for the first time ever and the other is where Hexx wants to get revenge on Gus.
  • Originally this episode was meant to be a 20 minute special episode.
  • The scene were Tommy and Robotboy discover frogs who look like Gus and catch Robotboy with their tongues replaced another scene with cows who looked like Gus. It's unknown why the story changed and what the intentions with the cows where.
  • Goof: Tommy deactivates Robotboy when he is going to look for Gus and puts him in his backpack. When he confronts Felonious and asks where Gus is, his backpack and Robotboy are missing. So when Tommy ends up in Felonious's pocket and he activates Robotboy, Robotboy couldn't be anywhere around.
  • The episode was written and made in September 2006, according to Matt Jones, the storyboard artist of this episode. According to Jones the deadline was pretty tight & Heath Kenny helped him out with a section, despite having a killer schedule of his own and jumped on board to make this episode extra special.
  • Matt Jones: I spent September working at Alphanim in Vincennes, storyboarding an episode of Season 2. (Not Season 2, but series 2) I had a really enjoyable time working with the team. Series director is cartoon maestro Bob Camp, storyboards are supervised by Rich Codor. Heath, Richard & Baptiste and their design teams are doing REALLY stellar work & this season is going to look 'magnifique'.
  • In the storyboards, Hexx summons a women instead of a tiger and preforms a magic trick on her instead of summoning elephants.

In other languages

Int. Language Int. Title Translation
Dutch Tragisch Magisch Tragically magical
French Thelonious magix Thelonious magic
German Tragisch magisch Tragically magical
Spanish Magia trágica Tragic Magic


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