The Turnbull Residence (usually called "Tommy's House" in the show) is the main location of the series and the residence of the Turnbull family.


This is the house were Tommy lives with Robotboy. Tommy's Bedroom is the most used and seen location in the series. In this place, he and his friends Lola and Gus are mostly playing or making plans.

Other parts of the house that are seen are: Donnie's bedroom, the bedroom of Dwight and Debbie, the living room, the kitchen, the laundry room, the garage and the bathroom. There is also a attic, but that part of the house is never seen and only used in the episode Ooh That Smell.

The adress is:

1573 Chattergucci Ave.

Bay Area


  • In the first episodes of season 1, the planks of the house were purple instead of blue. Later they became blue.
  • The layout of the house constanly changes. Doors and rooms can be in different places in many episodes. But the design and colours were always the same throughout the series.
  • Its adress was mentioned in the episode Halloween.


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