"Underwater" is the 21st episode of the series and the 11th(a) of Season 1 of Robotboy.


In this episode, after Dwight Turnbull receives a letter winning a free boat hiking he brings both Tommy and Donnie to go out fishing only that the boat is being spied by Kamikazi.




Robotboy: *when he sees Tommy looking very ill* What's wrong Tommy?

Tommy: *sits up and looks over at him then replies queasily* The rocking...makes me...seasick.

Robotboy: *looks out the porthole* Robotboy go water, make steady!


  • This episode reveals that Tommy has motion sickness, specifically sea sickness, which is why he didn't want to go on the fishing trip to begin with.
  • Robotboy demonstrates another example of just how much he cares for Tommy by saying he'll actually jump in the water, risking being seen, and hold the boat still to make Tommy feel better.
  • If you look closely in the scene in the Kazi-fish sequence, when Robotboy passes by a school of fish, a fish resembling Constantine's head can be seen.
  • The fishing line Donnie tied around Ro's body can still be seen with him throughout the rest of the episode, even while he was Superactivated and battling Kamikazi's Men O' War, Frogmen, and Malwaruses.
  • This is the third time Robotboy smiles in Superactivated mode, the second time doing so with his eyes. He smiles when he sees the fishing line still tied around his waist being tugged. He's happy because he knows that it's Tommy wanting him to rejoin him.
  • This episode is the first time Robotboy uses his propeller feet and arm rudders The second and final time he uses them is in "Valentine's Day".
  • Goof: Throughout the episode, Gus wears a blue turtleneck under a big dark blue coat and a captain's cap. When Tommy brings back Robotboy from under the surface, he is somehow seen in his normal clothes (The blue t-shirt with grey trousers). But when Dwight comes back on deck, he is seen wearing his episode-specific clothes again.
  • Goof: Robotboy shows up on the little monitors on Kamikazi's chair after Donnie casted him into the water. The colors on Ro's head are inverted; his ears are white while his head is blue. They return to normal as Constantine steers the whale sub towards Ro.
  • Goof: When he hears Donnie coming down into the cabin, Tommy deactivates Robotboy and then gets teased by Donnie. After that, he demands that Donnie lets go of Robotboy. However, when he said that, Donnie was actually just reaching for Ro, who is still sitting next to him. Donnie doesn't grab Ro till after he shoves a dead octopus in Tommy's face and pushes him down.

In other languages

Int. Language Int. Title Translation
Dutch Onderwater Underwater
French Le sous-marin sournois The sneaky submarine
Hebrew מתחת למים (Mitahat Lamaim) Under the Water
German Der Angelausflug The Fishing Trip
Spanish Bajo el agua Underwater
Swedish Under vatten Under water