hOI!!!!! i'm tEMMIE!!!! tEMMIE tURNBULL!!!

Hi there!!! I'm Ofirgol109!!! I love Robotboy very much, it is the series that did my childhood, unlike series like Marvel or something else...

I adore this series so much, up to the level I started working on a fangame!!! Yeah, I started working on an role playing game called "Robotboy RPG". About the game... I think it needs to be rebuilt from scratch using a newer software.

I have a lot to give to the community and also a lot of information to add!!!

I'm also on the "Robotboy Lovers Unite" forum, under the name Atomikku. If you are a hardcore Robotboy fan like me, you might be interested in registering...

How did I think about the name "Atomikku"??? Well it's a combination of Sonikku (Japanese pronouncing of "Sonic") and the Atomic Fire weapon from Mega Man 2.

Besides that, I'm a really big fan of Nintendo and Sega, which resulted in researching Mother 3 and terrify people with Vapor 2. Also Undertale.

I'm also a huge fan of Steven Universe, Invader Zim, Over the Garden Wall & Don't Hug Me I'm Scared, but Robotboy will ALWAYS be the best 4 me.

My favorite episodes

My Pictures Gallery

Those are my fan-made pictures related to Robotboy... DO NOT STEAL!!!

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